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Prefabricated houses
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Swimming pools, saunas
Construction materials
Stone fireplaces, stone-cutters
Construction machinery, tools
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Construction - Other

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Floor coverings, flooring, carpets


Hair salons, beauty salons
Cosmetics, beauty products
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Dry Cleaning, Laundry
Jewelry, gold, jewelery, watches
Equipment for children
Sweaters, handicrafts, costume
Men's clothing, clothes for fuller
Working clothes, footwear, PPE
Printing on textiles and clothing
Wedding dresses
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Hats, scarves, gloves
Linen, underwear, textiles
Model agencies, fashion studios

Nature, animals
Flowers, flower shops, nurseries
Dogs kennel, dogs
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Pigeons, pigeonry
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Veterinary ambulance
Animal protection associations

Nature protection, ecology

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Real estate
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Honey, beekeepers

Healthy food, teas, herbs

Seeds, plant protection

Hygienic equipment & supplies
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Fish, fishing, fishing equipment
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Health, medicine

Clinics, hospitals, doctors
Dental surgery
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Homes for elderly care

Health associations

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Computers, tech
Computers, accessories
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Musicians, singers, bands
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Other sports associations/clubs
Sport - Other

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Recommended websites for za 09 December, 2021

www.iizradasajtova.com Website design - website development / website development affordable and professional - Website development at great prices, design and functionality, site optimization-SEO, online marketing; So far, we have created over 500 sites ... We are creating sites that will do the job for you !; Vojvode Stepe 64; Tel: +381 (0) 64 / 111-64-35 Belgrade Srbija
www.cannamama.rs CBD oil - CBD vaping for cigarettes (100% organic) and CBD flowers, the highest quality on the Serbian market. Canna Mama preparations are obtained from the flowers of Cannabis Sativa L (Industrial Hemp) and do not contain THC. CBD is the subject of many studies due to its therapeutic effect. Cannabidiol plays an important role in many processes that take place in the human body, such as inflammation, chronic pain and various cardiovascular functions. Helps with insomnia, strengthens immunity, reduces anxiety and stress, helps with dermatological problems, reduces pain, treats depression and improves the general condition of the body; Topličin venac 7a; Phone: +381 60 581 581 0 Belgrade Srbija
www.hotelgalia-kotor.com Hotel Galia - Comfortable accommodation with 3 *** in modernly equipped rooms with balconies with fantastic views of the Bay of Kotor and the old town of Kotor. The place where the hotel is located is a famous air spa for the treatment of lung diseases and is ideal for people who have problems with asthma; NND company d.o.o .;
Tel / Fax +382 32 336 215
Crna Gora
www.fotoluka.com Photo Port - photo production, photo book, photo mugs, digital photo frame, retouching, converting to dvd ...; Paunova 30;
Phone: 011 266 33 22, mobile: 069 266 33 22
Belgrade Srbija
www.autoline.rs Auto Line doo is a company that has been selling cars for more than 14 years parts - parts for Volkswagen, Opel (GM - General Motors), BMW, Škoda, AUDI, SEAT and other vehicles. Original parts, WIX filters, Febi-Bilstein program, parts for first installation (OE) manufactured by Mahle, Topran, Slm (diesel engine heaters), car electricity, cables... North Boulevard 5v, Visnjicka 34; Phones: 011/72 90 100, 011/20 84,088; Opel and Chevrolet: 011/20 86 200, 011/29 79 200; BMW and Mini: 011/361 95 95, 011/361 88 28 Belgrade Srbija
www.fedra.rs Fedra d.o.o., accounting agency - accounting, bookkeeping: calculation of salaries and other incomes of employees and physical persons, registration and deregistration of employees and family members, compilation of all books. records and fin. reports, submission of tax returns and certification the same in the Tax Administration; Consulting in all areas of service, we specialize in tax consulting; Tel / Fax: 011 2653-037, 011 3699-119; Bulevar Vojvode Mišića 39a, II floor Belgrade Srbija
www.agrostemin.co.rs Agrostemin d.o.o., was founded in 2001, with the sole task of protecting integrity and reputation of agrostemin®, acquired over a decade successful application in agriculture; Agrostemin is a biostimulator broad spectrum of action, natural origin, used in agriculture to increase yields, improve yield quality ...; Kralja Milutina 26; Tel: +381 (11) 2682 664, +381 (64) 1478 008,
fax: +381 (11) 2682 664
Adis Abeba
www.eapoteka.rs eApoteka - We take care of your health and beauty - The largest selection of dermocosmetics of the world's most famous brands, pharmacies, supplements, oral hygiene, antiage, cosmetics, makeup, babies and children, women, men, sex and prevention, aromatherapy, herbal pharmacy, devices, aids, home and hygiene, sports. 100% safe online shopping, quality products, fast delivery;
Pharmacy Viva Plus, founded in 2004.
Temerin Srbija
www.treedent.hr Dental practice TreeDent provides complete services in the field of surgery, orthodontics, radiology, pedodontics and prosthetics in the center of Varaždin: repair and treatment of teeth, oral surgery, dental implants, dental X-rays, dental veneers, dental crowns, mobile dental braces. Beautiful and healthy teeth are our mission;
Ana Street 14a; Phones: +385 42 490 819, +385 91 525 2553
Varaždin Hrvatska
www.4faceandbody.co.rs 4 face & body, Creative Beauty - Laser center: permanent laser epilation, removal of hyperpigmentation (freckles and spots), removal of capillaries, rejuvenation - rejuvenation, pseudofolliculitis barbe, radiowave lifting; Aesthetic treatments: mesotherapy, mesonites, chemical peels, dermapen treatments, hyaluronic treatments. acid, liquid lift - full facelift, wrinkle removal with botox, hyperhidrosis - increased sweating, botox therapy, PRP, mesotherapeutic lipolysis - weight loss; Cosmetology-Iris +: Guinot, Janssen;
West 65, Omladinskih Brigada 86 Đ-2, Tel: +381.69.777.805;
Center, Majke Jevrosime 10/3; Tel: +381.69.777.803
Novi Beograd
www.avalskaoaza.rs Nursing Home Avalska Oaza - licensed private nursing home located at 400m above sea level with a beautiful view of the Aval Tower and Resnica Lake, luxuriously equipped with all necessary equipment and the concept of work according to the highest European standards. The home with ethno motifs is built on 25 acres of land, which allows tenants to enjoy walking and staying in a large park with ethno content that surrounds the home; 24h video surveillance, rich social life, top staff, affordable prices;
Jaroslava Černog no. 13; Phone: + 381 64 40 26 722
www.arbona.rs Arbona, a specialized internet marketing agency and certified Google Adwords Partner. With our help, achieve excellent results - Google Ads (Google AdWords) advertising, Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook and Youtube marketing, Email and Content marketing, Instagram marketing, CRO optimization; Usce BC, 19th floor, Blvd Mihaila Pupina 6, New Belgrade 11070,
Tel: +381 66 802 0558; Horvatova 82, Zagreb, Phone: +385 1 6465 753; Aleja kralja Zvonimira 1, Varaždin, Tel: +385 42 410 770;
Zagrad, Prolaz MK Kozulić 1, Rijeka, Phone: +385 99 208 7404
Novi Beograd
www.pogrebnokonkordija.rs Concordia Funeral Company, founded in 1979 - sale of funeral equipment and provision of funeral services, international transport of the deceased and administrative repatriation services (arranging documentation, scheduling funerals, transporting the deceased in the country and transporting the deceased from abroad, complete equipping and organizing funerals); Our many years of experience is a guarantee of the quality of funeral services we provide. For more than 25 years at the same address in Belgrade: Nemanjina 2; Phone: 011 7621 557, Mob: 064 44 333 93, Fax: 011 66 86 033 Belgrade Srbija
www.hoba.rs Hoba - Start your next project with us! We offer a complete range of equipment, tools and supporting materials for workshops and households: paints and varnishes, fittings and equipment for furniture, lighting, machinery and tools, building joinery, wood decoration, floor coverings, wall coverings, bamboo rattan reeds; Nikole Pašića 43;
Phone: 060 / 02-189-09
Temerin Srbija
The BMW Line is an Auto Line plus point of sale spare parts for BMW vehicles - original BMW parts, wix filters, febi-bilstein program, parts for the first installation of the manufacturer Mahle,
Topran, Slm (diesel engine heaters), Bremi (auto electrics, cable cars, hats, bobbins) Sachs, Ate, Bremi, FTE-FAG, Hela ...
Višnjička 34; Phones: 011/3619 595, 011/3618 828
Belgrade Srbija
www.selidbeiprevozsd.rs Removals Belgrade - 24h Removals Serbia and international removals - Van transport of goods and removal by truck to Belgrade and the whole of Serbia is a transport that includes protection and packaging of things and furniture during relocation. Removal of heavy goods, removal of business premises, removal of pianos, storage, truck transport, free assessment of removal. The goal of our relocation team is to provide you with services that exceed your expectations both in terms of quality and savings in your budget; Milana Rakića 116; Phone: (+381) 064 430 27 13, (+381) 064 532 12 14 Belgrade Srbija
www.skillup.rs SkillUp - The future of education has arrived - SkillUp is the first platform in the Balkans to provide education using the revolutionary Blended Learning learning model. This model combines online educational material and interactive work with instructors; Courses: Microsoft Excel, UI&UX Design, WordPress, Autodesk Revit 2021, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Autocad, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Public Speaking; Cara Uroša 18;
Tel: +381 60 60 30 456
Belgrade Srbija
www.mashineria.rs Mashineria - professional generators, water pumps, sales and service - Mashineria is the general importer and distributor of Fogo and Koshin power generators and water pumps, spare parts and service; Aggregates: petrol, diesel, gas, agrovolt; Pumps: motor water pumps, sludge water pumps, diesel sludge pumps, high pressure water pumps, electric pumps, seawater pumps and chemicals; Built-in motors; Ustanička 189 TC Konjarnik,
V.P. local 28; Tel: +381 63 213 463
Belgrade Srbija
www.agregatizastruju.rs Mashineria doo, representative of renowned European manufacturers of power generators Fogo Agregaty and Europower generators - power generators, water pumps, built-in four-stroke Honda engines and tractor generators, a large selection; Silent power generators, industrial power generators, welding generators, DIN power generators, 400V tractor generators, 400V AVR tractor generators; Ustanička 189, TC Konjarnik, VP local 28;
Phone: +381 63 213 463
Belgrade Srbija
www.lepaipametna.com Beautiful and smart, Lifestyle Magazine about healthy living, home and family - a magazine that was created with the idea to convey ideas and tips on how to live as well as possible and happier; Categories: Healthy Living, Finance, House, Family   Srbija
www.viaferrata.rs Via Ferrata - quality and useful information about the type of climbing and adrenaline pleasure that is becoming increasingly popular in our country, and is gaining more and more fans. Via Ferrata base in the region, with all the detailed information   Srbija
www.autodetailingclear.rs Auto Detailing Clear, since 2007 - vehicle polishing, interior detailing, vehicle drying, good prices. After our treatment, the car comes out clean to the smallest detail; Phone: 0605377677 Belgrade
www.gimnazijatvrdjava.edu.rs  Private Gymnasium Tvrđava is the best choice for schooling and training with a clear focus on developing knowledge and skills
for the 21st century - The most modern pedagogical methods and learning tailored to each child - adaptive learning, entrepreneurial skills, practical teaching, stimulating environment, teaching of the future; Socio-linguistics, IT; Strosmajerova 8, Petrovaradin;
Phone: +381 (0) 60 537 24 26
Novi Sad
www.dubinskopranjebeograd.com Clean Solutions - deep washing of furniture, cars and carpets / rugs - good prices, 9 years of experience, over 10,000 clients. We use the latest professional Karcher equipment, offer incentive discounts for larger washes and accept all possible complaints; Phones: 065 23 89 201 (Belgrade, Pancevo),
065 23 89 202 (Novi Sad)
Novi Sad
www.rheasilvia.rs Rhea Silvia - a place where you can find a solution for almost all business needs: translation of materials, teaching, typing, scanning, word processing, organization, planning, reporting, websites ...; Phones: 063/7109788, 064/2088830, 065/3088890 Belgrade Srbija
www.zlatiborapartman.rs Apartments Zlatibor, Tito's villa, Apartments & Spa - Zlatibor as you have been waiting for! The complex is located at an altitude of over 1000 meters where the air is clean and fresh, near the 'wind rose', a place where the Mediterranean and continental winds intersect. The complex has everything you need for complete enjoyment: museum, restaurant, rich SPA center, outdoor pool, children's park, service. laundry, conference room and reception; Area: 33 m2, rooms: 2; Equipment: heating, parking, floor, internet, cable TV, telephone, optical network, balcony, reception, thermal insulation, elevator, sauna, terrace, gym; Kiridžijska 72; Tel: +4369911990769 Zlatibor Srbija
www.vizit-karte.info Pyramid - graphic preparation and printing of business cards, graphic preparation of flyers, catalogs, invitations, postcards, greeting cards… Unique PVC business cards and transparent plasticized business cards, water resistant, breaking, writing, unbreakable, small runs, good price; Advertising pendants and magnets, pvc calendars, logo design, industrial design; On our site and business - business card directory of companies from Novi Sad, Ruma, Indjija, Irig and the surrounding area; Tel: 063/1546 936 Novi Sad
www.topauto-rentacar.rs Top Auto - Rent a car without deposit, no additional costs, no payment when booking, price of 20 € with all costs. Insurance, unlimited mileage, new vehicles, high level equipment, pick-up location of your choice, vehicle delivery 24/7. Airport transfers; Luxury car rental with driver, cargo van rental with or without driver; Ugrinovacki put 22, part no. 29; Tel: 066/9766037 (Viber, WhatsApp) Belgrade Srbija
Auto service Auto Line Center is owned by the renowned company Auto Line d.o.o., high capacity service and possibilities: self-diagnostics, car air conditioning service, trap centering, vulcanization services, installation shock absorber, the first official Bilstein service in Serbia; Service, maintenance and vehicle repair, auto mechanics for Opel, VW Volkswagen, Škoda, Peugeot, Renault, Fiat, Citroen, BMW, Mercedes Benz; Auto parts Jovanke Radaković 33a; Phone number: 011/27 56 034, 011/27 56 826 Belgrade Srbija
www.troteclaser.si Trotec Lasers for engraving, marking and cutting, service of laser machines - Trotec Laser Slovenia is synonymous with quality in the field of laser cutting and engraving. Representation, sales and service: laser engravers and cutters, industrial marking lasers, large format laser cutting machines, industrial marking lasers, laser solutions for business solutions, custom laser machines, Rayjet laser machines ... We set new standards in the field of laser machines! Mirka Vadnova 19; Tel: 040 211 411 Kranj Slovenija
www.supercistko.rs Carpet Service Super Clean - carpet washing, state-of-the-art machines and top-quality detergents for clean and 100% dry carpets in 48 hours. We wash every carpet as if it were ours! Other services: deep washing of furniture, protection from stains for carpets and furniture, washing with a steam machine, washing and protection of car seats; Professional service and reasonable prices; Rade Kondića 13; Phone: 065 8895 233 Novi Sad
www.elper-elas.rs Elper-elas - servicing water pumps and hydro systems, servicing motor water pumps, selling used water pumps, renting pumps, extracting water from basements, septic tanks, vessels, swimming pools, construction sites, extracting water from wells; Production of electrical installations, production of automation, production of electric power networks, overhaul of transformer stations; Maintenance of business and residential buildings; Igora Vasiljeva 29 and; Tel: 063 / 385-470, 011 / 405-0113, 060 / 300-8385 Belgrade Srbija
www.vilaradovic.net  Villa Radović - accommodation on the large Ulcinj beach in seven fully equipped apartments for only 8 euros per bed; Vojvodjanska 23, Donji Stoj; +382 69 242 201, +382 30 457 601, +381 63 724 6847, +381 11 630 6905 Ulcinj Crna Gora
www.apartman-sokobanja.com Apartment Sokobanja Swiss Lux - private accommodation, rent, Lux apartment ideal for a family or a romantic couple, fully equipped, kitchen, bathroom, wifi, smart tv, parking, good price;
Ljube Didića 1a; Tel: +381 63 7249 136, +381 63 8531 249
Sokobanja Srbija
www.lijana.rs Liana - Cosmetic studio for face and body treatment - semi-permanent make-up, eyebrow drawing with PhiBrows method, Hydro Peeling, Hydro facial, Nano facial, Plasma pen; Beauty is in all of us, in some it is hidden and needs to be discovered, in others it is visible, but it needs to be emphasized; Jovana Jovanovića Zmaja 132;
Tel: 065 / 25264-01
Sonta Srbija
www.irobot.rs iRobot®, robot vacuum cleaners and wipers - your partners for clean floors; Sales salon and information: Tilt Robotics doo, Vespučijeva 34, local 1, New Belgrade, tel. 069/22 80 720, tel. 011/4537 835;
Central service: Worts team doo, 11 April bb, Ledine, New Belgrade;
Ovl. distributor and service: Worts team doo, Dečka 155, Šimanovci;
Ovl. distributor: Roaming Electronics doo, Južni Bulevar 10, Belgrade
Novi Belgrade
Novi Sad
u još gradova
www.studiobeograd.com Studio Belgrade - Web design, complete website development, online store development, SEO site optimization, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphic design, logo design, video production, photography and recording of celebrations, drone recording Belgrade Srbija
Auto Line plus - auto parts for Opel and Chevrolet, wholesale,
Wix filters, Febi Bilstein high quality parts, original GMs
parts, Roadhouse program, AutoMega, Mahle, Elring, Sachs,
Ate, Bremi, Wahler, Bosch, Gates, Blue print, Textar, Ina, Fag ...;
We also offer parts for BMW and Mini, VW, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo,
Korean and Japanese vehicles, oils, fluids and batteries; Auto Line
d.o.o. has been engaged in specialized sales since 1995.
Višnjička 34; Tel: 011 / 20-86-200, 011 / 29-79-200
www.botanikabeograd.com BB Belgrade - landscaping of the garden and yard, interior and exterior decoration, flowers for the terrace, floor plant decoration, decorative stone, white stone ... Is your landscaping of the yard, garden and terrace exactly the way you want it? For a pleasant ambience, there is an expert in landscaping, gardens, lawns, terraces and interior and exterior works - BB Botaničar; Your garden is our mission! Tel: 063 / 1181-978 Belgrade Srbija
www.delovizafiata.rs Fiat parts - Large range of parts for all FIAT vehicles: small service parts, large service, spanners, rollers, belts, clutch kits, shock absorbers, batteries, hoses, stabilizers, shoulders, thrust bearings, filters, oils, gear parts, brake system , transmission ... We offer everything from original auto parts, through parts for the first installation to various certified manufacturers; Brands: WIX Filters, Febi-bilestein, Topran, Roadhouse; Autoline, North Boulevard 5v;
Phones: 011 / 20-84-089, 011 / 20-84-088, 065 / 32-90-100
Belgrade Srbija
www.kalemkonjuh.rs Nursery "Kalem Konjuh" - production and sale: fruit seedlings
(fruit seedlings: apple, pear, plum, apricot, peach, nectarine, cherry, sour cherry, quince, medlar, raspberry, blackberry, walnut, hazelnut, almond, kiwi, chestnut, fig, lemon), vine seedlings (table varieties, wine varieties), rose seedlings, at the best prices; Konjuh bb;
Tel: +381 (0) 62 315 331, +381 (0) 60 0 315 331
Konjuh Srbija
www.tepihservisrojal.wh.rs Carpet service Royal offers its clients carpet cleaning services, deep carpet washing, carpet edging, fringe replacement, curtain washing, deep furniture washing and all other types of furniture. Our many years of experience of over 25 years is a guarantee of the quality of services we provide to our clients. We provide free removal and delivery of carpets and curtains to your address. We wash and remove all types of stains and other impurities with the help of the most modern machines for washing carpets and furniture, using the highest quality ecological detergents; Altina - Justina Popovića 77v Zemun
www.viladvor.rs Nursing Home Vila Dvor - Home where you feel at home - a newly built facility with medical care and 24/7 supervision and fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable life. The capacity of the home is 40 beds, and it also has apartments, double, triple and 4-bed rooms, with spacious terraces and a large amount of natural daylight. The home has a spacious yard rich in greenery with two summer houses, and the air currents that make up the wind rose leave the impression of a kind of air spa. The home is in a very nice location in a quiet street at the foot of Dedinje, and near the Military Medical Academy and KBC; Koste Živkovića St. no. 5;
Phone: +381 11 45 40 497, Mob: +381 60 60 60 168
Belgrade Srbija
www.carwiz.rs Carwiz Rent a Car - Fast and affordable Rent a Car service in Belgrade. ✓ Affordable prices ✓ Fast and affordable car rentals ✓ Long and short term car and van rental ✓ Fastest growing car rental in Serbia ✓ In all major cities and airports ✓ Special car rental offers; Vehicles: automatic, city vehicles, SUVs, sedans, vans; Zoran Djindjic Boulevard 59/23; Phones: Reservation Center:
+381 11 735 7606; Sales department: +381 11 735 7606
New Belgrade Srbija
www.odvjetnik-strniscak.hr Attorney Tomislav Strniščak provides all kinds of legal assistance, provides legal advice and represents parties before the court and other bodies. Field of work: copyright and industrial property law, commercial and company law, family and inheritance law, land registry law, compulsory and damages law, criminal and misdemeanor law, administrative procedures and administrative disputes, constitutional law and European Union law, internet & technology; Ban Josip Jelacica Street 22 B; Fax: ++ 385 40 499 404,
Phone: ++ 385 40 499 403, Mobile: ++ 385 91 4893 911,
www.avalskaoaza.rs Nursing Home Aval Oasis - a licensed private nursing home located at 400m above sea level with beautiful views of the Aval Tower and Lake Reznica, luxuriously equipped with all the necessary appliances and the concept of working to the highest European standards. The home with ethno motifs was built on 25 acres of land, allowing residents to enjoy a walk and stay in the large ethno park surrounding the home in their free time; 24h video surveillance, rich social life, top staff, affordable prices; Jaroslav Černy br. 13; Phone: + 381 64 40 26 722 Pinosava
www.pogrebnokonkordija.rs Concordia Funeral Home, established in 1979 - sale of funeral equipment and funeral services, international transport of the deceased and administrative repatriation services (documentation, funeral arrangements, transport of the deceased in the country and transport of the deceased from abroad, complete furnishing and organization of funerals); Our years of experience guarantee the quality of the funeral services we provide. For over 25 years at the same address in Belgrade: Nemanjina 2; Phone: 011 7621 557,
Mob: 064 44 333 93, Fax: 011 66 86 033
Belgrade Srbija
www.optiwebstudio.rs Optiweb Studio deals with web site design and search engine optimization at affordable prices. Professional design of WordPress sites according to the latest standards that are optimized for all platforms. On-page and off-page optimization, link building, social networking profiles and all other services related to the creation, optimization and maintenance of websites; Phone: +381 64 11 75 910 Zemun Srbija
www.mastermusicschool.com Master Music School is a private music school in Belgrade that provides classes to elementary and high school music students. We organize guitar, piano, violin or any other instrument as well as solfeggio and solo singing lessons. We prepare students to take entrance exams for elementary, high school music or master studies; Bul. Zoran Djindjica 44; Phone: +381 62 150 77 25 Novi Beograd Srbija
www.tehnickipregledbeograd.com PT Center - Technical inspection for all types of passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks up to 3.5 tons; Vehicle registration, vehicle insurance; Tvornička 30; Phone: 011 2 607 205, Fax: 011 2 607 205 Zemun
New Belgrade
www.megaplusst.com Mega Plus ST Engineering Ltd. - Drilling, Piping, Plumbing ... Without Digging the Streets! Horizontal directional drilling enables high-quality, efficient drilling and retraction of pipes, while keeping all infrastructure and nature intact. The main advantages of horizontal drilling are that it can also be drilled at greater depths and under different natural barriers - below rivers, streets, (roads, tracks); Our services: horizontal directional drilling, construction of water supply, sewerage and fiber optic networks, construction of gas pipelines, gasification, retraction of working pipes, retraction of protective pipes;
Phone: 011 269 01 23
New Belgrade Srbija
www.divisnekretnine.rs Divis Real Estate Agents - Flats, Houses, Commercial Premises, Plots, New Builds, Investments, Real Estate Rental; Divis is an agency in which you have full support in the field of real estate brokerage, real estate investment consulting, as well as legal services in the field of mediation; Ul. Despot Stefan Boulevard No.64a;
Phone: 011/2751683
Belgrade Srbija
www.taxitoairport.at Taxi to Airport Vienna : Airport Taxi Wien fixpreis 25€ - Taxi to Airport Vienna zum Hotel oder zu Hause. Bestellen Sie jetzt Ihr airport taxi zum / vom Flughafen Wien-Schwechat ✈ zuverlässig✓ komfortabel✓ sicher; Tel: +43 667 7983408 Vienna Austrija
www.advokatmladjenovic.rs Law Office Marina M. Mlađenović - services in the field of: civil law, criminal law, business law, labor law, administrative law, banking and finance, intellectual property law, tax law; Ul. 26 Vojvode Mick Krstic st. (Karaburma), phone: +381 64/344-61-34 Belgrade Srbija
www.watersportssplit.com Watersports Split Croatia is an online booking platform where you can find all the information you need for reservation water activities in Split Croatia. We offer vast range of activities such as parasailing in Split, Blue lagoon tour from Split, or jet ski rental in Split.
Watersports Split is based in beautiful and ancient city of Split in Croatia. Featuring a highly-skilled and well-trained staff fluent in English, you can relax and enjoy the ride once you book your activity.
www.tourkrka.com Krka waterfalls tours from Split is one of the most popular daily trip from Split Croatia. Discover Skradin, and old town Sibenik in one day. Take a panoramic boat ride from Skradin to Skradinski buk waterfall and swim in crystal water. Krka Waterfalls is situated along the Krka river and have 7 beautiful waterfalls including Skradinski buk waterfall. Skradinski Buk waterfall is the one of the best known and the longest waterfall on the Krka river and swimming is allowed for the public. Split
www.plitvicetour.com Book Day Tours from Split to Plitvice lakes and enjoy sightseeing with licensed english speaking tour guide. National Park Plitvice lakes Croatia is the largest and oldest national park in Croatia. Plitvice lakes is one of the most visited tourist attractions in this part of Europe. In 1979. they were added on the list of UNESCO world heritage. Located in the middle of the country 3 hours driving from Split. It has stunning waterfalls, views and nature but a little different atmosphere so you should consider bringing something warmer just in case of colder air or maybe some rain. Sixteen interconnected lakes are grouped in Upper and Lower lakes Split
www.tours-croatia.com Day trips from Split Croatia Split
www.parasailingsplit.com Parasailing Split is complete new adrenaline adventure in Split Croatia. If you are on holiday in Split, Croatia and you looking for some water activities on during summer days, parasail in Split is perfect adventure for you. See Split from above, and discover turquoise bay of blue lagoon. Split
www.clavis-net.com ClavisNet, agency for service business - media services, registration in APR, bookkeeping agency, development of business plans, virtual office; Branka Radicevic 14/8; Phone. +381 19 731-499 Knjaževac Srbija
www.jetskisplit.com Jet Ski Safari Tour in Split Croatia is the go-to service for all adrenaline lovers. Spice up your stay in Split with an extreme jet ski ride through some of the most beuatiful Croatian islands. Whether you’re looking to enjoy and appreciate the nature or just satisfy your adrenaline cravings, Jet ski Split has you covered! Split
www.taxiairportsplit.com Taxi Split Airport is the easiest way to book a taxi transfers from Split Airport to Split or to some other popular destination you need on the whole Adriatic Coast. If you are looking for easy, comfortable and safe airport taxi transfer around the Split Airport, this is the right place for you. Through our company you can get private taxi, at any time of the day or night (24/7) every day of the week. Also we ofer all types of vehicles and boats, which are suitable for both groups and individual transfers. Take our airport taxi transfer service right now, and book your private taxi from your home. Split
www.tvservis.xyz Master has been in TV service for 25 years. repairing TVs of all world brands and repairing: plasma, lcd, ice, oled brand TV: Samsung, Lg, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp, Philips, Jvc, Grundig, Beko, Fox, Vox, Vivax, Elin, Weg, Orion, Tesla, Adler etc;
Phones: +381 63/262728, +381 60/7262728, +381 65/2471-911
Belgrade Srbija
www.splittaxiboat.com Taxi Boat Split is the easiest way to book private taxi boat from Split to Hvar island or any other popular islands on Croatian Coast.
If you are looking for easy, fast and safe taxi boat from Split to Hvar, or Taxi Boat from Hvar to Split, Split taxi Boat service is best choice for you.
www.croatiawatersports.com Watersports Croatia  
www.taxiboatsplitairport.com Taxi Boat Split Airport is the best way to get private speed taxi boat from Split Airport to Hvar island or any other popular islands in Croatia. If you are landing on Split Airport and looking for private taxi boat to your hotel/apartment, Split Airport Taxi Boat is best choice for you. Book taxi boat split airport online and save 15%. Split
www.webdizajnbanjaluka-s.com Webdesign-S - Webdesign / Website Design, SEO Optimization, Landing Page Creation, Website Redesign, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Business Cards, Billboard Design, Brochure Design; Stari Vujadina 29; Mob: +38765181081 Banja Luka
www.candy-on.si Candy On - Slovenian Torrent tracker - Movies, Games, Radio, Free Registration, Quick Download, Chat, and more   Slovenija
www.odvjetnikmislavbalic.com Lawyer Mislav Balić - Domestic and International Law: Civil Law, Contractual, Indemnity, Land Registry, Enforcement, Labor and Commercial Law, Company Law, Hereditary and Family Law, Intellectual Property Law, Sports, Medical, Mandatory and Bankruptcy Law, Maritime, arbitration, administrative, tax, constitutional and EU law ...; Vinkovačka 31; Phone: +38521 531-440,
Mobile: +38591 521-5552
www.fontana-nis.in.rs Workshop to refine your space, design and manufacture unique fountains, fountains, streams, water walls of glass and stone for indoor and outdoor spaces; Production of fountains made of various materials - granite, stone, travertine, fountains with ring, articulated nozzles, external, round, urban, fountains - wells of wood, equipment, electrical works; Design and landscaping of lawns, maintenance of green areas and gardens, formation and irrigation of lawns, planting, garden paths, paving, irrigation systems, automatic watering; Production throughout Serbia; Mitrovic, tel: 065-2571-018 Niš Srbija
www.lukancic.si Law office Lukančič, lawyer Jure Lukančič - commercial law, civil law, insolvency law, labor law, real estate law, recoveries, environmental protection law, inheritance law / Law office Lukančič, lawyer Jure Lukančič - commercial law, civil law, illiquidity, labor law, real estate, recovery, environmental law, inheritance law; Nazorjeva Street 12; Phone: 0599 23 841, M: +386 (0) 41 558 177, Fax: 0599 02 324, Ljubljana Slovenija
www.grupovina.rs Grupovina - group discounts and coupons in Belgrade and Novi Sad for travel, reviews, restaurants, for products and services in the fields of: beauty, health, cosmetics, SPA, sports and entertainment, food, electronics, fitness, photo, print, books, cuisine and home, fashion and accessories, cars, horoscopes, pets, services, cleaning, children's products and services, education, tickets ... Our team works to select the best and best deals for you. We have years of work and experience of 9 years behind us. We have sold several hundred thousand coupons, we have more than 250 thousand lucky customers; Fast online support, phone: +381 Beograd
Novi Sad
in more cities
www.homemedik.rs HomeMedik - all types of mobile medical assistance, social care, general assistance, medical transport of mobile and immovable persons, field medical duty; All kinds of therapeutic massages and exercises; Why go to doctors and check-ups, spas and nursing homes when we come to you at the same price, which will save you time and money. May your age be your best year !; Novogradska 69; Phone: +381 64 258 43 62 Zemun Srbija
www.svezakomp.rs All For Komp - sale and service of all types of desktops and laptops: installation, PC cleaning, virus cleaning, system optimization, diagnostics, replacement of power and processors, maintenance, printer connection; Laptop service: cleaning, replacement of screens, keyboards, inverters and lamps, DC connectors, case and charger repairs, memory upgrades, chip reballing; Configuration, networking, upgrading, data rescue, LCD monitor service, motherboards, UPSs; Large lager cut. parts, experienced repairers, quick repairs, field service, remote and technical support, 90 days warranty;
Boulevard Zoran Djindjic 77; Phone: +381 11 / 4022-612
Novi Beograd
www.popusti.rs Grupovina - group discounts and coupons in Belgrade and Novi Sad for travel, reviews, restaurants, for products and services in the fields of: beauty, health, cosmetics, SPA, sports and entertainment, food, electronics, fitness, photo, print, books, cuisine and home, fashion and accessories, cars, horoscopes, pets, services, cleaning, children's products and services, education, tickets ... Our team works to select the best and best deals for you. We have years of work and experience of 9 years behind us. We have sold several hundred thousand coupons, we have more than 250 thousand lucky customers; Fast online support, phone: +381 Beograd
Novi Sad
in more cities


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