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Hotels, apartments, rooms
Travel destinations
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Catering equipment, crockery

Construction companies

Prefabricated houses
Architecture, design
Equipment for bathrooms, toilets

Swimming pools, saunas
Construction materials
Stone fireplaces, stone-cutters
Construction machinery, tools
PVC joinery, aluminum joinery
Construction - Other

Furniture, wood, wood industry
Floor coverings, flooring, carpets


Hair salons, beauty salons
Cosmetics, beauty products
Tattoo studios, tattoos, piercing
Dry Cleaning, Laundry
Jewelry, gold, jewelery, watches
Equipment for children
Sweaters, handicrafts, costume
Men's clothing, clothes for fuller
Working clothes, footwear, PPE
Printing on textiles and clothing
Wedding dresses
Bags, handbags, leather
Hats, scarves, gloves
Linen, underwear, textiles
Model agencies, fashion studios

Nature, animals
Flowers, flower shops, nurseries
Pigeons, pigeonry
Veterinary ambulance
Animal protection associations

Nature protection, ecology

Correspondence, dating

Personal & family sites
Forums, chat, blogs
Astrology, astrologers
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Real estate
Real estate, sell, rent

Agriculture, food
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Mineral water, healthy water
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Milk products, milk, cheese
Confectionery, sweets
Honey, beekeepers

Healthy food, teas, herbs

Seeds, plant protection

Hygienic equipment & supplies
Supermarkets, trade, e-shops
Beer, wine, winery
Fish, fishing, fishing equipment
Agricultural machines, tools

Health, medicine

Clinics, hospitals, doctors
Dental surgery
Ophthalmologists, optics, glasses
Homes for elderly care

Health associations

Drugs, preparations, pharmacies
Medical equipment, devices


Computers, tech
Computers, accessories
Inkjet cartridges, toners
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Radio stations

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Musicians, singers, bands
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Sport centers
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Other sports associations/clubs
Sport - Other

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Recommended websites for za 07 July, 2022

www.sdcpro.rs SDC Professional - Geometer, geodetic services, all types, engineering geodesy: geodetic survey, study of geodetic works, delimitation, legalization, parcelling, marking of the building, preparation of cadastral and topographic plans, calculation of cubature, specification of special parts of the building, survey of underground lines and installations, foundation control, object settlement monitoring... Design and other services in the field of construction; Radnička 5g; Phone: 060/5272182, 060/5272182 Belgrade Srbija
www.dentalzona.rs Dental practice Dental Zone - the highest quality crowns for
teeth, dentures, implant placement. All in one place: implantology, prosthetics, oral surgery, dental examinations, dental implants, metal-free crowns, metal-ceramic crowns, veneers, orthodontics, teeth whitening, dental moss, tooth endodontics; Mesotherapy, hyaluronic fillers, chemical peels; For a bright and healthy smile, visit us in a modern environment. Dental zone - in the service of your smile! Zmaj Jovina 11; Phone: 069 248 75 40
Vršac Srbija
www.narucikafu.rs Order Coffee WebShop - Espresso capsules for Nespresso machines *: Nespresso compatible capsules, Dolce Gusto capsules, A Modo Mio, IperEspresso, Lavazza Blue; Large selection of espresso ground and coffee beans, as well as espresso cups and appliance maintenance products; Coffee machines; Studentska 27;
Phone: +381 64 8484 933
New Belgrade Srbija
www.psihoterapija.ws Dr Katarina Đorđević, doctor and graduate Gestalt psychotherapist -
online psychotherapy, marital psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy; 'Even if you find an obstacle-free road, that road probably leads nowhere ...'Frank A. Clark;
Žička St 5, phone: +381 63 103 08 57
Belgrade Srbija
www.beo-bunar.rs Drilling of wells for water supply, for heat pumps, for lowering groundwater, on the territory of the whole of Serbia, quickly, professionally, with 10 years of experience and favorable prices. Execution of digging wells of all types (ordinary well, artesian well, sub-artesian well) and all diameters, by machine, percussion, rotary or combined method, with the most modern machines. Other services: geothermal drilling, geophysical field research, hydrogeological research. Drilling a well is one of the best ways to secure your own water supply, in the countryside, in the city or at the cottage. Beobunar, phone: +381654344989 Belgrade Srbija
www.centarceres.com Center Ceres - Center for psychological counseling, professional support, education and personal development: individual psychotherapy, marital / partner psychotherapy, online psychotherapy, family psychotherapy, group psychotherapy. Therapeutic Directions: systemic family therapy, cognitive - behavioral therapy, gestalt psychotherapy. Psychotherapist Dr Katarina Đorđević; Kajmakčalanska 37; Phone: +381 69 637 377 Belgrade Srbija
www.isakngo.com ISAK - The Initiative for Serbian-Albanian Coexistence is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in January 2022 in Belgrade and operates in the Western Balkans. It was created in response to the strengthening of nationalism in the Western Balkans and will work together with all interested organizations, institutions and individuals in the Western Balkans to solve the problems and challenges facing the peoples of the Balkans; Branka Radičevića St 14/8, Knjaževac;
Phone: +381637109788
www.detektivskaagencija.net Detective Agency Seguridad - Licensed detective agency. Professional, discreet and reliable detective services are provided by private detectives. Services: detection of fraud and adultery, search for persons in hiding, finding debtors, investigation of threats, blackmail, harassment, surveillance of persons and children, verification of business partners and employees, search for missing persons, polygraph testing, telephone forensics, security consulting…
Non stop 00-24h; Glasinačka St 8 (Zvezdara);
Phone: +381 11 34 77 323, cell.phone: +381 64 400 60 95
(+Viber, WhatsApp)
Belgrade Srbija
www.poligrafbeograd.co.rs Seguridad Poligraf - polygraph examination and testing, lie detector - suspicion of infidelity, polygraph testing of employees and job candidates, theft and fraud ... Seguridad Poligraf Belgrade is one of the leading agencies for providing polygraph testing services in Serbia. Experienced examiner, methods with verification, the highest standards with the use of the most modern testing equipment. Professional, reliable, discreet, verified reports, affordable prices;
Glasinačka St 8 (Zvezdara); Phone: 011 288 3836,
cell.phone: 063 420 222
Belgrade Srbija
www.eurovik.rs Eurovik - Technique you really need - Video surveillance and equipment, LED lighting, home electronics, communication cables, network equipment, ambient sound, installation equipment, motors / ramps, remote controls; Eurovik doo, a trusted company with the recognition of the best web merchants in the Adriatic region.
We make shopping safer, faster, easier;
Moše Pijade St 68;
Phone: 013/ 300805, 013/ 402173, 062/ 261398
Pančevo Srbija
www.forenzika-telefona.co.rs Seguridad mobile phone forensics - recovering deleted data from a mobile phone, permanently deleting data, detecting spyware, transferring data from one phone to another. Support for all types of Smartphones (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone), revolutionary data recovery methods for the latest phones. If your phone is broken, damaged or you have deleted contacts or data, in most cases they will be successfully saved! The only domestic company licensed by the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia, the use of the most modern forensic equipment; Glasinačka St 8;
Phone: 011 288 3836, Mob: 063 420 222 i 060 0387 999
Belgrade Srbija
www.savickomerc.rs Savić komerc doo - PVC carpentry Salamander, blinds, roller doors, mosquito nets, venetian blinds, strip curtains, parts for blinds;
Kružni put 178; Phones: 011/78-70-607, 065/8065-760, 064/204-0226
www.gajaelektro.com Gaja Elektro - Top electrical services - The company Gaja Elektro with its rich experience offers its customers the most modern and reliable electrical installations and other electrical services: smart installations, video surveillance, drywall, electrical service,
white goods connection. Modernity, reliability, accuracy, 10+ years of experience, 90+ projects, 100% satisfaction; Studenec 22;
Phone: 040 607 460
Ivančna Gorica Slovenija
www.seniorplus.rs Senior Plus Nursing Home - home for the care and accommodation of the elderly and immobile - Social Welfare Institution that offers medical services, health care, transport, nutrition. Multidisciplinary approach to work focused on the needs of each individual. The professional team consists of social workers, doctors, nurses, head nurses, caregivers, as well as other support staff. The nursing home is located in three locations: Lipovačka forest, 13 km from Belgrade,
Lipovički put 13, Barajevo; Mob: 066/ 88 321 88;
Darinke Jevrić St 40, Višnjička Banja, Cell: 066/ 88 321 88;
Vojvode Vlahovića St 3v, Belgrade; Cell: 066/ 88 321 88
Višnjička Banja

www.odvjetnik-strniscak.hr Lawyer Tomislav Strniščak provides all types of legal assistance, provides legal advice and represents the parties before the court and other bodies. Field of work: copyright and industrial property law, commercial and company law, family and inheritance law,
land registry law, law of obligations and indemnity, criminal and misdemeanor law, administrative proceedings and administrative disputes, constitutional law and European Union law, internet & technology; Ban Josip Jelačić St 22 B; Phone: ++ 385 40 499 403,
Cell phone: ++ 385 91 4893 911, Fax: ++ 385 40 499 404
www.4faceandbody.co.rs 4 face & body, Creative Beauty - Laser center: permanent laser hair removal, removal of hyperpigmentation (freckles and blemishes), removal of capillaries, rejuvenation - rejuvenation, pseudofolliculitis barbie, radiowave lifting; Aesthetic treatments: mesotherapy, mesonites, chemical peels, dermapen treatments, hyaluronic treatments. acid, liquid lift - full facelift, wrinkle removal with botox, hyperhidrosis - increased sweating, botox therapy, PRP, mesotherapeutic lipolysis - weight loss; Cosmetology-Iris +: Guinot, Janssen; Center, Majke Jevrosime St 10/3; Phone: +381.69.777.803,
West 65, Omladinskih Brigada St 86 Đ-2, Phone: +381.69.777.805;
www.advokin.org Law office Vesna Radoman Ulepić - Working with the law office Vesna Radoman Ulepić you get more than professional legal representation: experience, respect, results. Founded in 2000, we are a full-service law firm offering expertise in a variety of legal areas: commercial law, tax law, injury law.   Srbija
www.agencijaina.rs Agencies for cleaning and home care and assistance INA - maintenance of housing, maintenance of business premises, cleaning of buildings, cleaning after construction and renovation works; Home care and assistance for senior citizens. Your satisfaction is our concern! Phone: 064 5446941 Belgrade Srbija
www.divisnekretnine.rs Divis real estate agency - apartments, houses, business premises, plots, new buildings, investments, real estate rental;
Divis is an agency in whose professional team you have full support in real estate brokerage and investment brokerage services, investment consulting, as well as legal services in the field of brokerage; Ul. Despot Stefan Boulevard, no.64a; Phone: 011/2751683
Belgrade Srbija
www.molersketehnike.rs The world of colors - professional interior painting, painting, decorative and plastering services. Painting techniques: Ottocento, Sabulador,
Travertino, Klondike, Arteko 7 metallic, Klondike light, Spatulato-spatula, Miraflor Magic light, decorative wallpaper, Miraflor, Valrenna. Suspended ceilings, ice lighting, plasterboard shelves, gypsum board counters. Welcome to the world of colors! Phones: 064/295-7518, 064/515-2472
Belgrade Srbija
www.babypro.rs Babypro - The most beautiful toys and equipment for babies and children of the highest quality: baby strollers (combined strollers, 3in1, umbrella strollers, stroller bags, car seats for children, children's toys, children's vehicles (tricycles, pedal tractors, cars and battery engines, pushchairs and scooters, bicycles), baby equipment (feeders, portable beds and fences, deep walkers, music swings, cots, costumes) Professional service, a large number of products, at the best prices, Fast delivery (1-2 working days) , safe shopping (registered shop); Phone: 0600208885 Belgrade Srbija
www.lorijen.center Clinic for Addiction Diseases, Trauma Treatment and Anxiety
"Lorient Center" - the first private clinic that has successfully implemented various treatment programs for over 25 years: addiction, psychiatric disorders and psychological problems; Psychotherapy, psychological family support, EMDR. Lost in a maze of problems?
There is a solution! A healthy and fulfilled life is a click away from you; Tetovska St 45; Phones: +381 11 30 88 091, +381 11 30 88 090,
+381 69 30 88 091, +381 69 30 88 090
Belgrade Srbija
www.montenegrotourist.info Montenegro Tourist Info - The best offer of private accommodation and apartments in Montenegro: houses, cottages, hotels, apartments;
All tourist facilities here, in one place! Direct contact with the object! And up to 30% lower prices. Phone: +382(68)374-516
Budva Crna Gora
www.afrodizijak.rs Natural preparations for potency '48 Hours' - natural aphrodisiac products with ginseng extract, which in natural Chinese medicine is considered a strong natural aphrodisiac; 48 Hours Goll products contain the optimal amount of Gingseng root, which will give you the energy you need. The effect of these products lasts up to 48 hours. The preparations are in the form of chocolate, coffee or drinks, with a declaration and approved by the ministry; Animanis d.o.o., Ugrinovački put St 83lj; Phone: 065/3726-777 Zemun
www.isiteks.rs Isiteks - medical uniforms - clothing in the field of: medicine,
construction, electrical engineering, shipbuilding, utilities,
catering and hotel industry… Medical uniforms and suits, work suits and uniforms, medical sheets, pillows, ambulance jackets, ambulance vests, medical blouses, medical coats, cook suits; Čarnojevićeva St 10; Cell.phone: 061/6888 493
www.kljucarsrbobran.com Locksmith Srbobran, in service since 1970 - Production of keys of all kinds (classic, dot, coded), copying RFID tags, opening cars, sharpening knives, watch services. Field interventions: opening vehicles, apartments, installing locks, cylinders ...;
Miloša Obilića 21 (entrance from the Saint Sava street);
Phones: 021/730-546, 069/730-220, 060/5000630
Srbobran Srbija
www.studiomagic.rs Studio Magic - Cosmetic services: Anti age treatments, biological facial treatment, depilation, Dermapen, Dermaroller, facial hygiene treatment, mesotherapy, Plasmapen, PRP treatment, radiowave face and body lifting, muscle stimulation (electrostimulation), Vacum 65 body; Hairdressing services: Botox hair, deep hair treatment, hair coloring, keratin hair straightening, hair extensions, Olaplex, Ombre, Sombre, Belajage, strands, braids, hair washing and blow-drying, haircuts, formal hairstyles; Branka Radičevića 12;
Phone: 062 1223624 - hair stylist, 063 8620506 - beautician
Stara Pazova Srbija
www.kamenorezacadzic.me Stone-cutting workshop Adžić, Amegra d.o.o. - tombstones of quality granite, interior and exterior decoration, fireplaces, staircases, bars, processing of all types of marble and granite;
Address: Bistrička St 10, production: Duklo bb;
Phones: +38269101382 (& Viber), +38269481617, +3840244622
Nikšić Crna Gora
www.lukancic.si Law firm Lukančič, lawyer Jure Lukančič - economic
law, civil law, insolvency law, labor law, real estate law, recoveries, environmental law, inheritance law / Law office Lukančič, lawyer Jure Lukančič - commercial law, civil law, insolvency, labor law, real estate, recovery, environmental law, inheritance law;
Phone: 0599 23 841, M: +386 (0)41 558 177, Fax: 0599 02 324
Nazorjeva St 12
Ljubljana Slovenija
www.krecenjebeograd.com Painting Belgrade - painting services; Phone: 062/107-81-49 (+Viber) Belgrade Srbija
www.zivotuitaliji.rs Life in Italy - a blog created as a result of questions from many who want to buy an apartment in Trieste, move to Italy, open a company or expand their business in the EU. The information is divided according to topics: for children, life, work and travel   Srbija
matanamestaj.wordpress.com M.A.T.A furniture, carpentry with upholstery and many years of experience - production of panel and upholstered furniture as desired and custom: children's and bedrooms, living room, hallways, kitchens, office and bathroom furniture, furniture for office space, corner sofas, sofas and sofas, double beds and bunk beds, bunk beds, count and double beds, armchairs, sofas and stools, American closets and closets; Hardware - handles, hooks, sliders, hinges, retarders, brackets, paints and patterns, eco leather, furniture fabrics, worktops; Imagine, we draw in front of you, you wish, we give a conceptual solution and make it; Kralja Petra I; Phone: 066/422 926 Veternik
Novi Sad
www.selidbe-beograd.in.rs Relocations Belgrade - Agency for relocations in Belgrade at the best price, exists since 1990 and provides services: relocations of houses and apartments, relocations of business premises, van relocations, relocations abroad and from abroad, international relocations, transportation of goods, transfer of special cargo, piano, antiques, TA stoves, metal cash registers, safes, packaging. Fixed prices by agreement, without additional costs, with equipment for moving and protection of things, permanent and professional team for moving; Nedeljka Gvozdenovića St 43; Phone: 063/1522-063 Belgrade Srbija
www.otkupmobilnihbeograd.rs Purchase of mobile phones Belgrade - purchase of new and used, correct and defective mobile phones, up to 2 years old, with or without warranty, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, LG, Motorola, Alcatel, iPhone, Huawei, Zte and other models. Purchase of professional accompanying equipment; The average purchase price is about 70-80% of the real market value of a used mobile phone, arrival, payment immediately; Purchase of equipment: purchase of laptops, tablets and smart TVs; Purchase of electric scooters; Phone: 062/1639-290 Belgrade Srbija
www.startup-web-dizajn.in.rs Start-Up - cheap web design for small and medium enterprises, quickly and easily, in a professional way in accordance with all modern Internet standards. Complete web solutions for internet appearance: website development, hosting and domain registration, logo and graphic design, Google advertising and SEO optimization of the site for search engines, online store (web shop)… All in one place! Creating sites from 5 to 10 pages in WordPress CMS in 24 hours; Nede Spasojević 19; Phone: +381 63 15 22 063 New Belgrade Srbija
www.bazzar.rs Bazzar - safe web shop shopping: appliances, computers, TVs,
home appliances, home and garden, beauty and care, women's fashion, sports equipment, motorcycle equipment and parts, entertainment and hobbies, professional equipment, children's corner, baby equipment, lighting, tools and installations;
Bazzar Marketplace RS d.o.o; Radnička 7; Phone: 011/4113100
Belgrade Srbija
www.bgdracunarskicentar.rs Bgd Computer Center - service and repair of desktop and laptop computers, free diagnostics! Software, data recovery, system installation, virus cleaning, disk cloning; Assembling computers, replacing hdd / ssd disks, upgrading memory, repairing motherboards, replacing keyboards, repairing sound cards, replacing screens, replacing batteries, replacing DVD readers, repairing peripherals, repairing monitors, selling parts and equipment ...; Website design, web site administration, web hosting; Street: Brankova 21; Phones: 011 26 24 942, 011 26 21 563,
011 21 89 287, 060 380 30 50, 064 280 30 50
Belgrade Srbija
www.tepihserviszemun.rs Carpet service Zemun - professional deep carpet washing, replacement and bleaching of fringes on carpets, carpet hemming, free delivery; Deep washing of furniture from furniture, washing of curtains, washing of floors; Invite us to beautify your home!
Slavka Simica 77v; Phones: 063 229 423, 062 868 0328,
011 317 0887
Novi Beograd
www.rentacaraerodromsrbija.com Rent A Car Airport Serbia - no deposit, prices from 13 €. Vehicles on offer: Fiat Grande Punto, Peugeot 207, Chevrolet Aveo, Citroen C1, Citroen C3, Opel Corsa, Renault Clio ... Rent a car with a driver. You can rent vehicles in New Belgrade and at the "Nikola Tesla" airport; Phone: +381 62 458 950 Novi Sad
www.trubaci.net Trumpeters Belgrade - trumpeters from Belgrade for weddings, birthdays and all other festivities, good price. Call now and make an appointment; Phone: 063 78 00 413 Belgrade Srbija
www.maestral.co.rs The Maestral travel agency is celebrating two and a half decades of existence and successful business. The agency offers arrangements of all important travel agencies from Serbia - arrangements for travel in Europe and the world, European cities, trips around Serbia, offers for summer, winter, New Year's Eve in the country and abroad, bus and airline tickets, on- online hotel reservations worldwide, travel insurance...; Petra Drapšina 31, Phones: 021.4721244,
Novi Sad Srbija
www.detektivskaagencija.rs Detective agency Anonymous - protection and assistance to the family, polygraph examination, search for missing persons, return of deleted data, verification of data from archives, classic forensics, secure consulting, mob. telephones and digital forensics, business investigations and "due diligence", techn. and physical security and alarm systems, electronic espionage, spy protection and technical counter-surveillance, honeymoon service, GPS tracking and tracing, debtor tracing, asset search, legal service, fraud investigation;
Phones: 011/ 2835531 and 064/ 1199880;
Bul. kneza Aleksandra Karađorđevića 72
Belgrade Srbija
www.mastermusicschool.com Master Music School is a private music school from Belgrade that holds classes for students of primary and secondary music schools. We organize classes of guitar, piano, violin or any other instrument, as well as classes in solfeggio and solo singing. We prepare students for taking entrance exams for primary, secondary music school or master's studies; Bul. Zorana Đinđića 44; Phone:+381 62 150 77 25 New Belgrade Srbija
www.beslactrans.com Transport company Beslać Trans doo from Belgrade performs international transport of goods, domestic transport, groupage transport of goods as well as full transport of goods by trucks, trucks and light trucks. Our transport company consists of vehicles of the latest generation of Euro 5 and 6 standards (trucks, solo trucks and vans), so we are able to transport our customers door to door; Mile Dimitrijević 26; Phones:+381 11 74 87 136,
+381 63 237 446, Fax:+381 11 74 87 136
www.optiwebstudio.rs Optiweb Studio is engaged in creating websites and optimizing sites for search engines at affordable prices. Professional development of WordPress sites according to the latest standards that are optimized for all platforms. On page and off page optimization, link building, creating profiles for social networks and all other services related to the creation, optimization and maintenance of websites;
Phone: +381 64 11 75 910
Zemun Srbija
www.medihelp.co.rs MehiHelp - the first private center for headaches and migraines in Serbia. Most patients come to the office due to neurological and psychological problems. The institution is focused on researching over 300 different types of headaches, various causes of dizziness, as well as cerebral circulation difficulties. The team of experts is made up of a carefully selected set of doctors. In addition to examinations and diagnostics, you can also receive various therapies at the center; Miloja Pavlovića 15 (Banjica); Phones: 011/367-90-83;
011/367-90-84; 064/554-98-60
Belgrade Srbija
www.pikgroup.rs Pik Group d.o.o. - official distributor of the Dutch company "Notrax" Superior Manufacturing Group Europe BV - production of products for furnishing public spaces: professional mats for all purposes - entrance indoor / outdoor, printed, special purpose mats (industrial; ergonomic and safety mats), hand dryers - " Hand In and Hand Bellow, space flavors; Products from the traffic program - parking barriers, warning and information items, lying policemen and cable protection products; Exhibition room in TC Mondo, Trgovačka 16a, lok. 2 (settlement Žarkovo); Phones: 011/420-6363; 063/313-567 Belgrade Srbija
www.calix.rs Calix - import, distribution and sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, exclusive beverages from around the world, online store, fast and safe delivery: beer, wine, brandy, whiskey, spirits, cocktails, juices, soft drinks, water. Glasses and bar equipment, disinfection;
Bore Stankovića 8B (Makiš); Tel: 011/2391-825, 060/6461-055
Belgrade Srbija
www.dr-colic.com Specialized Hospital 'Colic' - plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic and general surgery - services: breast augmentation, hair transplantation, body reshaping, body tite, fat removal, obesity treatment, liposuction, anti age treatments, face, body, urogenital and transsexual surgery , skin tumor surgery, hand surgery, cosmetics; Surdulicka 5;
Phones: +381 11 3699 801; +381 11 3699 807; +381 11 3699 808; Fax: +381 11 3699 799; +381 69 3699801
Belgrade Srbija
www.e-lager.rs E-lager, web shop - bearings for sale: ball bearings, thrust bearings, Fag bearings, plate bearings, gear bearings, needle roller bearings, needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, boring bearings, plain bearings, super precision bearings, support bearings, Carb bearings, linear bearings; Enclosures without built-in bearings, housings with built-in bearings; Accessories: grease for SKF bearings, sleeves, nuts, fuses, housing seals, securing rings, covers; Loctite adhesives for various purposes; Lubricants, industry, automotive, greases; Kosmajska 19b; Warehouse: Mira Popare 14, Banovo brdo; Phone: +381 66 5744 628 Belgrade Srbija
shop.lilly.rs Lilly Drogerie OnLine store - When we founded Lilly drugstores in 2003, we wanted only one thing: to make available to our fellow citizens, neighbors the highest quality cosmetics, body care products, baby care and food, baby program, auxiliary medicines, perfumes and household chemicals; Pilota Mihajla Petrovića 6;
Phone: +381 11 4130 414
Novi Sad

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www.schollobuca.rs Scholl, anatomical and medical footwear - Online shop, wide selection of footwear: women's footwear, men's footwear, children's footwear, shoes, boots, slippers, sandals, clogs, unisex footwear, standard collection, spring / summer collection, autumn / winter collection, footwear for diabetics, insoles and socks; For more than 100 years, Scholl has been responsible for key advances, innovations and inventions in the field foot health, comfort and well-being;
Bul. kralja Aleksandra 167;  Phone: +381 11 241 77 42
Belgrade Srbija
www.apotekasunce.rs Pharmacy Sunce - Online pharmacy, a large selection of products: facial and body care products, cosmetics, dietary supplements, vitamins and minerals, baby food and cosmetics and much more. The Sunce pharmacy health institution started operating in 2006; Zaplanjska 57i, Voždovac; Phone: +381 60 42 49 013 Belgrade

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www.skintemple.rs Skin Temple - Korean cosmetics are the best cosmetics for face and body care, many women around the world have been convinced of that. If you love your skin, give it Korean care and you will be delighted with the results. Natural cosmetics, best for facial cleansing, body and hair care: oil-based facial cleansers, water-based facial cleansers, toners, essences, serums / ampoules, eye creams, face oils, creams / lotions , peels, masks, sheet masks, sunscreens, Korean beauty kits, makeup, gifts, testers; Tribeca doo,
Phone: +381 11 2500 833, +381 64 141 8 141
Belgrade Srbija
www.mikroprinc.com MikroPrinc, electronic components wholesale and retail - the largest selection of quality tools and equipment: measuring and test equipment, soldering equipment and accessories, tools and accessories, passive electronic components, semiconductors, electronic and electromechanical components, power supplies and equipment, programmers, development systems and equipment, teaching aids and electronic modules, home appliances, computer and telecommunication equipment, vehicle equipment, lighting equipment; Kralja Milutina 31;
Phone: 011 36-29-000; 011 36-29-999, 011 78-56-314 (fax)
Belgrade Srbija
www.nbgcreator.com Digital Marketing Agency, * nbgcreator - online store development, web site development, mobile application development, social media management, digital marketing (branding & visual identity, market research, SEO - site optimization, business development, Content marketing, Community Management, Google ads, Loyalty program, business consulting); Start or grow a business with professional support. With optimal investments to maximum results with our experience and commitment; Bul. Zorana Đinđića 14;
Phones: (+381) 060 0999 040 & (+381) 064 180 5113
New Belgrade Srbija
www.brzakuhinja.com Fast food - prepare healthy and delicious food in just 25 minutes
according to proven culinary recipes - Tried cooking recipes, recipe of the day, healthy diet, culinary secrets, fast food preparation ...
and many more are the topic of the Fast Food site. Culinary recipes: appetizers, soups and stews, main course, salads, desserts, pasta,
breakfast, children's decorated food, sandwiches, fasting meals;
Types of diet: vegetarian recipes, vegetarian food; Drinks: frappe & smoothie, cocktails; The world of food: healing properties of food, decoration and drawing with food, interesting facts from the world of food
www.kako-da.rs How to - portal for answers to all your questions - How to portal will give you many answers related to career or job, but also how to make the best use of free time, how to get an ideal vacation, how to solve certain problems, how to do something or fix it. Categories: Career, Finance, Health, Beauty, Travel, Entertainment Srbija
www.uhvatidan.rs Catch the day - Organization & Decoration, All cuisines of the world, Holiday for body & soul - Catch the day portal brings you authorial and research texts on how to improve your free time and use the day. There are also sections: Organization & Decoration, All cuisines of the world, Your sommelier, Holidays for body and soul, Psychology & taboo topics Srbija
www.svezamuskarce.info Everything for men - articles on men's topics, tips and recommendations on how to solve some problems, auto-moto suggestions, tips for keeping your car awake, technique, fitness and sports topics, all about love and seduction of women, health, fashion, life   Srbija
www.svezazene.info Everything for women - tips and suggestions in the field of women's issues, articles on women's issues, tips and tricks on how to solve some problems. Categories: Beauty, Health, Love, Fashion, Family, Leisure Srbija
www.dokolica.net Leisure portal - inspires your free time - Leisure researches and suggests how to make the best use of free time, how to qualitatively fulfill the moment of meeting yourself that brings colors back to life. Categories: Travel, Recreation, Rhythm, Inspiration, Bookmarker Srbija
www.sportomdozdravlja.rs Sports for health - numerous tips related to career and work, but also ideas on how to make the most of your free time, which includes both leisure and entertainment. Categories: Sports, Health, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Entertainment   Srbija
www.gonzaracing.com Gonza Racing - News from the world of racing, competition calendar, placements, forum, racing exchange ... Srbija
www.zdravljeivi.info Health and you - Tips and suggestions on healthy eating, how to maintain good health, recipes for a healthier life and interesting things from the world of medicine, dentistry and fitness are waiting for you every day on our portal. Beauty, health, nutrition, family, love, sports, nutrition, psychology are topics that interest every woman and man, and we are here to bring them closer to you… Srbija
www.pletisanka.rs Pletisanka portal - a special place where you will find a friendly word and advice from everyday areas of life. Our intention is to share with all the visitors the creation that came from the heart and in that way serve them. As with Laza Kostić, our heart is a tireless knitter, who weaves various stories without a break, sometimes created in harmony with dream and reality. The Pletisanka portal is intended for everyone who wants to learn more about their career, relationships, beauty, motivation and life in general. We promise that with a cup of hot tea or coffee, we will try to solve various doubts and problems you have together.   Srbija
www.4kids.rs 4Kids - Online store where you can find everything you need to equip a children's room - baby equipment, car seats, strollers 2in1 and 3in1, cribs, cradles, baby wardrobe for boys and girls, baby toys, children's toys , baby shoes, children 's books, baby food and care products and much more; Matejevački put bb; Phone: +381 18 570 075 (the shop), +381 60 678 07 11 (internet shop, Viber) Niš Srbija
www.coliccosmetics.com Colic cosmetics, online shop - quality cosmetics for all skin types, best creams, face masks, micellar water, Beauty Therapy and more; Colic cosmetics - domestic cosmetics, affordable prestige, approved by scientific authorities. Rudnička 8, Belgrade;
Phone: +381 11 2450100, Fax: +381 11 2450100
Novi Sad

u još gradova
www.dentalplaza.rs Dental Plaza Clinic, Center for Contemporary and Aesthetic Dentistry - The most modern and largest dental clinic in Serbia, 9 surgeries, 17 dentists, 15 dental technicians, over 3000 satisfied patients. Activities: implantology, oral surgery, dental prosthetics, periodontology, restorative and aesthetic dentistry, preventive and pediatric dentistry. Favorable prices and quality;
Skenderbegova 3 (Center-Dorćol); Phone: +381 69 44 000 55,
+381 69 550 10 10, +381 63 800 44 00
Belgrade Srbija
www.plazabeautycenter.rs Plaza Beauty Center, face and body care, aesthetic treatments - modernly equipped center where you can afford the latest facial and body treatments: biorevitalization, microdermabrasion, dermapen, mesotherapy, peeling, hyaluronic fillers, 3d mesonites and much more. Lots of aesthetic novelties and consultations with doctors of aesthetics that will bring your body to perfection ... because ... "beauty is not fleeting" ... Gospodar Jovanova 43;
Phone: +381 11 407 48 47, +381 63 59 59 65
Belgrade Srbija
www.avanglion.rs The company Avanglion d.o.o., an integral part of the Einar Group, has been on the Serbian market for 15 years - the main activity of the company is the import and distribution of sunglasses and optical frames. The latest models of glasses suitable for every customer, a wide range of brands: Marcolin, Thelios, Morel and Einar groups. Marcolin brands: Guess, Dsquared2, Tom Ford, Timberland, Marciano, Swarovski, Max & Co et al. Einar Group offers brands in its portfolio: Sover, Aboriginal, Avanglion, Polar Glare, Ozzie and others. We also offer glasses from exclusive world brands such as IcBerlin, Dita and many others; Tošin bunar 272g; Phone: +381 11 655 8188 New Belgrade Srbija
www.outletbeletehnike.rs Outlet of White Appliances - damaged new white goods, constant action, sale throughout the year. Wide range of products: freestanding appliances, built-in appliances, microwaves, built-in microwaves, freezers, mini kitchens, wine cabinets, air conditioners, dryers ... The largest outlet of white goods in Serbia; Enterijer d.o.o;
Šeste Ličke Divizije 80g, Kanarevo brdo, Rakovica;
Phones: +381 63 11-55-745, +381 11 40-85-349
www.drcubano.co DrCubano, Cuban Elixir - a preparation for raising immunity and strengthening the body, an innovative combination of plants, unique in the Serbian market. The preparation consists of powerful anam and moringa plants and algae spirulina and chlorella. Cuban Elixir has a beneficial effect on overall health and strengthens the immune system, has strong support for cancer patients, cleanses the body of harmful agents, helps fight with a large number of diseases;
Bulevar Milutina Milankovića 25b;
Phones - Serbia: (+381) 065 20 47 470, B&H: (+387) 066-48-2984
New Belgrade
u još gradova
Bosna i Hercegovina
www.prvereci.rs First Words, private speech therapy-educational center - prevention, diagnosis and organization of therapeutic rehabilitation program, counseling work with parents and educators. Services: speech therapy instruments, early stimulation program, workshops for preschoolers, reeducation of psychomotor skills, counseling, diagnostics and treatment, triage testing, speech therapist in your home). The workspace of the center is adapted to "small" clients, where they feel comfortable and are happy to come together through play and focused activities to overcome the problem you came for; Milice Rakić 52, Batajnica - Zemun; Phone: +381 63 430037 Batajnica
www.luchat8.com Lucha T8, Life in balance - Lucha T8 is a health-improving device that creates and emits the Earth's natural frequency (Schumann resonance) of 7.83Hz. The goal of Lucha T8 is to unlock our body's potential to self-regulate and balance. When the mind and body are in balance, you can achieve your goals easier and faster;
Tetovska 62; Phone: +381 69 369 36 69
Belgrade Srbija
www.trubacii.rs Trumpeters Belgrade, Serbia and the EU - Trumpeters for weddings, birthdays, graduations and other festivities; The most favorable Trumpeters in Serbia at HIT PRICE! From 50-100 €! For those for whom the price of a trumpet player is not so important the price of a trumpet, and for those for whom quality is crucial, the slightly more expensive prices of trumpeters are from 200 to 500 euros. Trumpet Estrada, the winners of Guča, trumpeters who have been awarded several times in Guca, professional trumpeters, the trumpet elite itself - from 1000 to 8000 euros; We always have a trumpet band for you in your city, town or surroundings! Trumpeter manager,
Phone: +381612035009
u još gradova
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