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Health, medicine
Nursing homes
Homes for elderly care, accommodation and care of the elderly, sites for old people - Agency "Diamond" for deals with cleaning and maintenance commercial and residential space, warehouses, halls, stairways, entrances and final construction cleaning; Shuttle elderly and sick - Care and home help services, housekeeper and nurse; Glass Kristal Glass - staklorezačkih all kinds of services, picture framing Zemun - Agency Samanta - care services for children and the elderly, cleaning of private and business premises (bars, flats, buildings, schools); Agency matchmaking "Samantha" is successful in double mediation for many years. Behind us we have hundreds of happy couples that have helped build new lives for two; Savska 47, phone: 064 034 321 5, tel. code for calls from abroad: +381640343215 Paraćin Srbija - Nursing homes   Srbija



=numbers in the column on the world top position Sheets (Alexa) VIII 2015 .


17.641.244 Antickan home   Srbija Bethany - institutions for accommodation and care of the elderly, care for quality the elderly Subotica Srbija The Foundation for the accommodation and care of the elderly "National Home & quot; Vladimirovac Srbija

1.326.820 Home for the Elderly Agape, a village Brace Jerkovic - a new home for the old face, care for the sick, the old, the infirm, luxury apartments, comfortable, modern and comfortable Belgrade Srbija Family home for the elderly "Barešić "S. Kraljevec - our family home guarantees a high & nbsp; quality of service and warm family the atmosphere Zagreb Home to be & scaron; the elderly "Crown" - Health services, complete care and medical surveillance of mobile, fixed and demented elderly; Dom & scaron the yard; this near the city's hospital Belgrade Srbija

8.261.778 Luxury home for the elderly Lara provides a 24-hour high quality customer service in the field health and social protection; The health of our customers brine Residential doctor, medical nurses, physiotherapist, nurses Belgrade Jajinci Srbija Home for the elderly and infirm Magnolia. The vision, mission and goal is quality taking care of our customers and residents Vukovar

17.885.940 Home for the elderly Milide Belgrade Srbija

16.986.698 Home for the elderly and pensioners Mol Mol Srbija PZU Home for the Elderly "Onion" - Dom Onion is a home for the elderly and infirm who cares for severely mobile and immobile persons, which provide continuous and comprehensive medical care. For carefree days ages! For a given age with a lot of love and attention! Brčko Bosna i Hercegovina

2.253.830 Web-catalog homes for the elderly and infirm is the only web-
that combines the supply of private homes for the elderly and infirm in Croatia, suppliers of equipment, materials and services for the elderly and homes for the elderly Dom & scaron to be; and the care of the elderly Prokuplje Srbija Holistic-oriented nursing home elderly Sv. Rosalie is located near Varazdin, surrounded nature, clean air and rural tranquility. It works quality team staff where priority is to enable each user to feel what more protected and more fulfilled Varaždin Home for the elderly and infirm Domus Christi is located in the strict town of Dubrovnik below the fortress Bokar and near the Stradun Dubrovnik Vis - home care for the elderly and the sick; The building has fifteen double and three single rooms with TV, telephone, pp alarm button to call its own bathroom and access to a terrace with a beautiful view of the nature and River Sava ... The building is built on three levels, it has hydraulic, panoramic lift ... Umka Srbija    
    Home for pensioners and elderly Prijedor - & nbsp; Public institutions of social Home care for old people and pensioners Prijedor Bosna i Hercegovina Home for the Elderly Alibunar Srbija Home for the Elderly San-Tim is located in a beautiful and quiet part of Belgrade, Croatian has permit from the Ministry of Labour and is the ideal home for the elderly Belgrade Srbija

14.897.551 Home for the elderly ALEDRA Belgrade Srbija JU Home for the Elderly East Sarajevo Istočno Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Home for the elderly Lion Belgrade Srbija    
    Home for the Elderly Safe Life was opened with the aim of providing high quality services for the elderly (mobile, low-moving, fixed) in the home atmosphere Belgrade Srbija Home for the elderly and retired Kula Kula Srbija Gerontological Kikinda Center - Foundation for Social & scaron; tite for holidays care of mentally surviving adults and the elderly Kikinda Srbija

14.794.951 Gerontological Center Jelenac Aleksinac Srbija

14.411.598 Gerontological center Subotica Subotica Srbija Gerontological Bečej Center Bečej Srbija Gerontological center Backa Palanka Bačka Palanka Srbija Gerontological Centar Novi Sad Novi Sad Srbija Gerontns Novi Sad Srbija

14.513.486 City Institute for Gerontology in Belgrade Belgrade Srbija

12.153.057 Home for the elderly Harmony - Lux licensed nursing home care, and care of the elderly Zemun Beograd Srbija Home for the Elderly "Kosmajski residence & quot; Sopot Srbija Nursing home 'House of Good Hope', a home for the elderly and old people is located in the center of Belgrade, more precisely the teller; Our home for the old was approved by the Ministry of Labour of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Belgrade Srbija Long life - home to be & scaron; and the care of the elderly Belgrade Srbija Home for Old MeliorVita Jakovo Srbija

18.523.991 Casa Milagro - Home for the Elderly "Magic holiday & quot ;, in the immediate Near the Zvezdara & scaron; forests and SC Olimp, located 50 m from the bus stations in the metropolitan area of ​​residence without the noise and heavy traffic Belgrade Srbija

14.909.911 Our house Travnik - & Nbsp; social-medical institution for the protection adults Travnik Bosna i Hercegovina Breakfast for the elderly Konak Holiday house five stars Ltd. - rooms for rent, dormitory home of old people in the village of Stara Lipovica; 40 beds in 16 apartments and rooms with a bathrooms fitted to the highest standards, TV, satellite TV, radio and itelefon, security and surveillance, SPA center, park, swimming pool Barajevo Beograd Srbija Home for the Elderly Plavi Horizont in Belgrade guarantee the quality services provided to you or your loved ones. Call us, come and see for yourself! Zemun Beograd Srbija Sunny slope - home for the elderly Belgrade Srbija - Web site for the elderly, seniors and retirees   Slovenija Senior Mediclub - home care for the elderly Belgrade Srbija Home care for the elderly "Old Bežanija" - Private nursing home dedicated to the care of older people who because of age or other reasons, can not live in your home or family environment; Professional staff, possible short stay, provided transportation, accommodation, care, personal hygiene, nutrition, social and recreational life New Belgrade Srbija An institution for the care of elderly people, Gerontology Center Belgrade Srbija Nursing home and home for the elderly Viva has a license to operate, providing 24h medical care, excellent conditions and good prices Zemun Beograd Srbija

Knezevi konaci Vrnjačka Banja Srbija Sveti Nikola - home for the elderly Srbija

18.289.830 Gerontological Belgrade Center Belgrade Srbija Home for the elderly Una Dom - offers the ultimate brown & scaron; and care for the old and frail people Belgrade Srbija Home for the Elderly "Duga Plus & quot; Belgrade Srbija Villa Brezovica - home for the elderly near Zagreb  


1.826.497 Merkur, Vrnjačka Banja/medical services for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of body and welded diabetes. Accommodations Mercury -MERKUR-new, Mirko Tomić, Merkur-old Šumadija and/HOTELIS health services in rooms and apartments Vrnjačka Banja Srbija

15.746.761   Srbija Golden Age - Home for the elderly, sick and disabled people Doboj Bosna i Hercegovina

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