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Agriculture, food
Seeds, plant protection, feed
Seeds, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, animal feed, additives, plant protection
Agroseme Kikinda ad - Seeds and raw materials, production, processing and trade of goods and raw materials seed
wholesale and retail

Agrostemin Ltd., founded in 2001, with the only task to protect the integrity and reputation of the preparation agrostemine ® acquired decades successful application in agriculture ; Agrostemin the biostimulator a wide range of effects, natural origin, used in agriculture to increase yields, improve quality of generation ...;
King Milutina 26; Tel: +381 (11) 2682 664, +381 (64) 1478 008,
fax: +381 (11) 2682 664
Adis Abeba
Miraculous hedges - fast growing (up to 3m in two years), creating pleasant shade, protection from noise, easy to maintain, inexpensive!... Ornamental plants are the crown of our gardens and our bushes; Sil Club d.o.o.
Senta Srbija
The Company Breeders & Seed Republic of Serbia - Breeding plants, seed production and trade of seeds
Ekoplant - manufacturing plants (continental and Mediterranean fruit, flowers and ornamental plants), engineering and design of the horticulture, irrigation systems (automatic and manual); Ekoplant - 20 years of experience
Podgorica Crna Gora
Agricultural company Sava Kovacevic - modern crop - Livestock farm and one of the leaders in Serbia, founded in 1946 year, owns 3,880 ha of land ...; Production of industrial herbs, cereals and fodder crops, animal production, manufacturing milk, production of high-quality cattle and sheep; Mirotin Ltd.
Vrbas Srbija
Greenhouse Puškarević - production and sale of spices, medicinal and aromatic plants - Perennials: pineapple mint, savory, tarragon, Korean mint, lavender, lemon grass, bay leaf, thyme, marjoram, lemon balm, mint piperita, mint spikata, oregano, wormwood, rosemary, santolina, selenium, immortelle, thyme, chives, sage; Biennial plants, chard, celery, parsley, curly parsley; Annuals: basil, purple basil, basil Littleleaf, coriander, bonfire, lemon basil, dill, motovilac, rocket; Tel: 064/57-47-425; 064/57-47-429, Lipovica
Belgrade Srbija
Yuco-chemicals - fertilizers
Novi Sad
Bački Jarak
- A Bio Tech Lab laboratory - laboratory for chemical and biotechnology analysis of agricultural products, their and life products food; laboratory is authorized for laboratory tests food safety and food for animals. Sremska
Srbija Agris   Srbija Agroglobe, distribution of seed distribution means of protection plants, distribution of mineral fertilizers, distribution of agricultural, machinery, storage of seed corn, wheat, oilseed rape, sunflower, plant protection products, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides   Srbija

Crna Gora Agrodual - seeds (corn, wheat, sunflower, sugar tail), mercantile goods ... Beograd Srbija Agro - FERTICROP - business is the import and distribution of products: Kemira fertilizers, Klasmann - Deilmannn substrates, Memon Organic fertilizers Subotica

Srbija Agrofield d.o.o.- factory for the production of animal feed and distributor of finished goods and related components for animal feed; We exist since 1993 and since In 1995 we started with the production of animal feed; We possess vast experience in Slovenian production and distribution of animal feed and We are the leader in its region Čačak Srbija Agroinvest - Animal nutrition, Food for Milenić Prilep Makedonija Agroland   Srbija Agrolink   Srbija Agro master - transport of plant protection products, seed and propagation fertilizers as well as additional materials that are
used in agriculture
Kragujevac Srbija Agromarket - Sale and distribution of raw materials for agricultural manufacturing - plant protection, seeds, FITOFERT, garden Sombor
u još gradova
Srbija Agro master - transport of plant protection products, seed and propagation fertilizers as well as additional materials that are
used in agriculture
Kragujevac Srbija Agro-mil - production quality species of fodder for all kinds domestic animals Pojate Srbija Agronomist Požega
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Hrvatska Agrosava Novi Beograd Srbija Chemical Agrosava is a company specialized in the production and Transport for plant protection products (pesticides) and foliar (special) fertilizers Belgrade Srbija Agrosemeki   Srbija Agrounikum Novi Sad Srbija Agroupozorenje   Srbija As   Srbija Avefarm Ltd. - Professional insect control Srbija AzotAgroDunav - fertilizers, pesticides store Belgrade Srbija Ba-Co - Wholesale Veterinary and Agriculture Srbija Company for foreign trade Services Bank Ltd., trade many in the sector of food, chemical and electro-energetic products; Bank Group - trade and production; Transport of grain, production and trade of processed soy products, animal feeds, components for the production of animal feed Zemun
Bayer CropScience - Equip - Preparations for Plant Protection: herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, as well as preparations for the protection of seeds; After production and sales of insecticides and plant protection seed Company ranks first in the world in the production of fungicides second, a third herbicide Belgrade
u još gradova
i država
Makedonija Bella Flora - house of beautiful gardens - design, installation and maintenance of lawns, gardens and other green spaces, sales, substrates, foil, seeds, seeds Biofor - microbiological fertilizer Zemun Linzer Agro Trade - fertilizers Belgrade Srbija Bosnavet   Bosna i Hercegovina BV Commerce - pesticide, production Novi Sad Srbija Čerubdžije - fertilizers, pesticides store Surčin Srbija Duochem   Srbija Jumbo doo, sells animal feed wholesale and retail - its professionalism Jumbo takes the leading position in distribution and Product sales Gebi   Srbija Ekosan - p esticide, production Belgrade Srbija Galenika Fitofarmacija - p esticide, production Zemun
Srbija Gaspar   Hrvatska Gabby - Animal feed - on the best way ... Srbija Hemiks - agricultural pharmacy - Wholesale and retail trade pesticides, fertilizers, protection of fruits and plants, Expert advice and recommendations for farmers Smederevo
Velika Plana

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Srbija Hemoslavija - Agricultural pharmacies Novi Sad Srbija Hip fertilizer factory - fertilizers Pančevo Srbija Junior Komerc doo - Fodder production, trade Kruševac Srbija Greenland Komarov Nursery - softwood, hardwood, kalemišćari, creeper, floral and ornamental shrubs, grasses and reeds, hedges, fruit, roses, perene; Horticultural services; Ideas Novi Sad
Srbija Metal-Matik, production peleterki, extruders and other agricultural machinery Novi Sad Srbija

MIX - Factory animal feed/MIX - Animal feed factory; 9001 Introducing the fodder factory MIX doo Orašje. On these pages you will find information on the origin of the company and its position, technical data about the facility, product range, quality and safety system Food and goals for the future. Orašje

Bosna i Hercegovina & Quot; Kraft & quot; Ltd. - a company for the production of kraft bags and paper packaging; Trade animal feed wholesale and retail trade agricultural products Zrenjanin Srbija Institute of reproduction and artificial osemljenjavanje local Animal Temerin Srbija
Slopes Ltd. • STIHL, VIKING, all for agriculture and your garden ...
Bosna i Hercegovina Pis Vojvodina   Srbija Plant Protection Society of Serbia - Plantprs   Srbija Poljana doo - Agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery - sales, service and maintenance of machinery and equipment for agriculture (Agriculture, viticulture and horticulture, animal husbandry), tractors, mowers, Flail, battery, spare parts and accessories, sales of protective equipment, animal feed, seeds and fertilizers Agricultural pharmacy - online store Agricultural Machinery One hundred percent - fodder factory Velika Plana Srbija Superior - seed company founded by Dr Ivo Đinović, prof. vegetable; We are dealing with a selection of vegetables and expansion of new varieties tomato and pepper; The first domestic hybrids with firm fruits tomatoes were built in Superior, as Casanova and Uragan F1 Later they recognized the Red Rock Marathon F1 Velika Plana Srbija Super Protein - Animal feed factory - Quality is a priority - Soccer The highest quality food for domestic animals in the region - 'Only the best'; ISO and HACCP standard; Let the animal be profitable Zrenjanin Srbija Topalovic   Srbija Fodder factory Čakovec Čakovec Hrvatska   Srbija Velelek d.o.o. Belgrade
Srbija Victoriagroup   Srbija
Wine Tobacco Voce - wholesale and retail materials,
tools, machinery for agriculture. a large selection of seed
Bosna i Hercegovina
Virginia Ltd. exclusive distribution rights Scotss's water- fertilizers in farming, horticulture, viticulture, farming Belgrade
Srbija Plant protection - educational site from agricultural (crop) production Srbija Grain-media - fertilizers Kula Srbija

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