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Language schools
Language schools - SERBIA
Oxford Academy was founded in 2008 and since then has been implementing non-formal education programs, foreign language courses, vocational training, retraining and further qualification, translation services for court interpreters; Courses: foreign language school, computer school, international exams, administrative courses, nursing and beauty courses, ecdl courses, courses for court interpreters, expert courses and trainings, online courses, standard courses, private lessons, hobby schools, high schools high school; Tel: +381 (0) 69 / 30-70-584

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Felicity - an English language school for all ages and at all levels
Belgrade Srbija
Educational-Creative Center "Informatics" - foreign language school, creative hobby workshop ...
Kragujevac Srbija
Belgrade Srbija
Hungarian language classes - Hungarian language control program and Hungarian language courses in semi-individual groups and groups of three students, 2x weekly for an hour and a half - Many think that it is enough to enroll in the Hungarian language course, pay and some professor will already teach us the Hungarian language. This program gives us insight into how much we engage ourselves to learn this language
Belgrade Srbija
Step by step - Kindergarten in English - learning English through play and entertainment
New Belgrade Srbija
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click HERE Academia Educativa - school of computers, foreign languages ​​and adult education Belgrade Srbija Academy of Foreign Language Schools Novi Sad Srbija

Alfabet - foreign language center, issuing certificates, all age groups, modern methods, small number of participants per group, Italian German Novi Sad

Srbija Alfa beto - foreign language center Belgrade Srbija
Foreign language school Alphabet - courses English, Italian, German, translation Belgrade
Srbija Alpha Center for Foreign Languages Inđija Srbija Studio Anglian Belgrade Srbija Anima d.o.o. - multimedia courses - multimedia for children, foreign language courses ... Belgrade Srbija Avalon School of Foreign Languages Novi Sad Srbija - school of foreign languages ​​...; Complete training - all in one place! Belgrade Srbija International Summer Language School in Belgrade and Serbia; Belgrade Summer School (BSS-Belgrade Summer School) is an international language school that takes place in Belgrade and Serbia Belgrade


Beolingua - school of foreign languages; Specialized English Language School - Excellent results in IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE, FCE; Prestigious business courses and courses for lawyers Belgrade

Srbija Berlitz School of Foreign Language - a 130-year tradition! Foreign language courses for adults, children and youth, business people, companies. Intensive courses. All in one place: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Greek; Serbian for foreigners Belgrade Language school Blackbird Srbija Božidar Adžija Belgrade Srbija British Council   Srbija Cambridge Academy, a foreign language school - courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian ...   Srbija School of Foreign Languages ​​and Computer Center Studio Petrovac
na Mlavi
Srbija School of Foreign Languages ​​NS Pro group Novi Sad

Srbija Concord Language School Belgrade Srbija Foreign language school Conlinguaplus, English and German course Belgrade Srbija

Duomo - private school for learning only Italian language; Preparation for study and work in Italy; The service of translating to (and with) the Italian language Novi Sad

Srbija The Eduka Center School of Foreign Languages ​​organizes 32 language teaching lessons, tailored to different age and interest groups of students ... Novi Sad

Srbija Egida International - agency for educational and student tourism; The Agency has established cooperation with the most eminent foreign language schools in the whole world, whose specialty is the teaching of foreigners in a selected world language; Cooperation with high schools and faculties in the English speaking field New Belgrade
Novi Sad
Srbija Elta - the largest national Language Teachers 'Association in Serbia affiliated to the largest international Teachers' Associations IATEFL & TESOL! Belgrade Srbija Language and Translation Center Novi Sad - School of Foreign Languages ​​... Novi Sad Srbija EducoTeam, foreign language schools and overseas education; Work abroad; Usa 2007; Work programs J-1 and H2-B; Language courses abroad Belgrade

Srbija EMC - Educational Marketing Center - School of English Language ... Kragujevac Srbija School of Foreign Languages ​​Modern English School is a specialized English language learning school Belgrade
Nova Pazova
Srbija English book   Srbija Etc ... - Education & translate center Kragujevac - translation services, school of English language, courses, OnLine education Kragujevac Srbija

EuroSchool - Foreign Languages, Center for Foreign Language Learning and Business Communication; foreign language courses, standard, accelerated and business courses, preparation of applying for exams, professional translation Belgrade

Srbija Equilibrio - Center for Foreign Languages Belgrade Srbija Foreign Language School Excellent - courses in English, French, German and Russian for children and adults; Business courses and translation services Bačka
Srbija Gorson Foreign Language Center - Learn: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Greek, Russian; Teaching for children and adults, AD Hoc classes for primary and secondary school students, audio-video lessons, contemporary textbooks, high-level professors, small groups of students; Discounts ...; Translation services and court interpreters Zemun Srbija Granadais - a school of Spanish Srbija Happyland School - a school of foreign languages Zemun Srbija Bee - Beep Belgrade

Srbija International House Belgrade Belgrade

Srbija Inlingua Galindo Belgrade Srbija Institute for Foreign Languages Belgrade Srbija Itaka - Publishing and Informatics Company; Itaka studio - a school of foreign languages Belgrade Srbija ITAcademy - one-year education in the field of information technologies; Programming, Design and Multimedia, Network Administration, Information Technology Management and Cambridge International Diploma in Computing Srbija IT Center - School of English Language ... Niš Srbija Company Izohela - linguistic center, individual, courses; English language courses under Cambridge and Oxford program, the most up-to-date teaching ... Belgrade Srbija Join In Bookshop - Online Store, English books - Buy the most popular and best-selling Cambridge University Press books for independent English language learning, group learning and professor Belgrade Srbija Jules Verne - School of Foreign Languages ​​- French Language School, Bilingual Serbian French Kindergarten and Association "Žil Vern" - Center for Multicultural Cooperation Novi Sad Srbija Kontext Belgrade
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Srbija Itaka Studio - a school of foreign languages Belgrade

Srbija Foreign language school Liber - courses and individual classes in English, German, Italian and Russian at all levels ... New Belgrade Srbija Lingua Servis Belgrade Srbija Lingua Forein Language Scool Valjevo

Srbija Link Group Belgrade

Srbija Language Laboratory Academy Novi Sad

Srbija LnG - a foreign language school Srbija Logos - a school of foreign languages Belgrade Srbija Foreign Language School Manhattan, a pleasant place to learn foreign languages Užice Srbija Master Class Belgrade Srbija Mediterranean language school Belgrade Srbija Moqui- School of Foreign Languages Belgrade Srbija My language school Novi Sad Srbija My corner language school Novi Sad Srbija Foreign Language School Mscuela Zemun

Srbija Ns telecenter - Novi Sad humanitarian center - foreign language school ... Novi Sad Srbija

Ole Language Center - Courses of Spanish, Italian, Greek, English, German, Russian and French for all ages and levels of knowledge. Pleasant ambience and incentive atmosphere; Working in small groups of up to 8 participants. Possibility of individual classes. Preparation for international diplomas. Translation services Novi Sad
Online Dictionary - English, German, French and Serbian dictionaries in one place Niš
Srbija Owen Owen is an English language school, standard and specialized courses in English and Italian, for all ages, group and individual teaching throughout the year, oral and written translation Belgrade Srbija Open University Knowledge d.o.o. - Chance for a Better Future - School of Foreign Languages ​​... Belgrade
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i država
Crna Gora
Bosna i Hercegovina
Oxford Center - English Language Teaching - School of English, courses for children, youth and adults Belgrade

School of English language Piccadilly - school of the Native language in the center of Nis, individual and group classes according to the terms that suit you; Summer School of English Niš School of Foreign Languages ​​and Computers "Provida Futuri" Zrenjanin Srbija Robertson - English Language School for Teenagers and the Elderly; On weekdays, clubs are organized in schools that allow pupils to apply what they have learned in practice Belgrade


Scudit Belgrado - courses in Italian language and culture; Standard, individual, conversational and courses for companies; Courses in Belgrade or Rome / Italy; Translations from Italien / into Italian; Course of Serbian for Italians ... Belgrade

Lingua - Foreign Language Center - Foreign Language Center, English, Spanish, Italian, German, French ... that the whole world understands you! Novi Sad
Srbija School of German Language - Berlin - corner for studying the German language; Feel the spirit of Berlin in Novi Sad, achieve your ambitions with the help of our talent! Novi Sad
Srbija Foreign Language School "Djuro Salaj" AD Belgrade

  Smiley New Belgrade Srbija Tulumba School - a foreign language learning center - foreign language courses for children and adults: English, German, Turkish, Norwegian, French, Italian and others; Business and Conversational Courses, online lessons Belgrade

Srbija Smart Basic Belgrade

Srbija School Center - Softline - School of Computers and Foreign Languages ​​- Intensive and specialized courses, group and individual teaching throughout the year Belgrade

Srbija Soho - a school of foreign languages ​​for learning English, German, French, Italian and Spanish at all levels, for all ages and different purposes ... Srbija Spreak - Up, an English-sporting party Novi Sad Srbija Spell - a foreign language center - learning foreign languages ​​throughout the year Niš Srbija St. Nicolas School Belgrade Srbija Equilibrio - Center for Flat Languages Belgrade Srbija Summer English School Studio Mond - School of Foreign Languages ​​Studio Mond in cooperation with Kent School of English KSE organizes an English Summer English Summer School for children aged 10 to 18 in the UK every year Belgrade
New Belgrade
Srbija Summerhill is a foreign language school founded in 1972 in Kruševac Kruševac Srbija Foreign Language School "Sveti Sava" Srbija System Pro - foreign languages ​​and computer schools Belgrade Srbija Tom & Emma - the first private language school in Serbia that received accreditation and became a full member of EAQUALS Belgrade

Srbija Top tours ad   Srbija

VLD computer center - english center - the first school uSCG with interactive, multimedia teaching - the most modern school of English language in Nis, computerized cabinets, special programs for children and children, fast, easy, efficient Niš

Srbija Welt   Srbija Yals - Association of Foreign Language Schools of Serbia


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Language schools - CROATIA Foreign Language School and Translation Center Ad hoc Osijek Hrvatska Foreign Language School Angla - in today's learning time of a foreign language is becoming a growing challenge and need. A man can succeed as a citizen of the world, so only with the knowledge of a foreign language ... Hrvatska Anglo - a foreign language school with 20 years of tradition Zagreb Hrvatska Foreign language school - Berlitz Hrvatska Byron - the first private language school in Istria; Byron organizes all types of language courses: English, French ... Pula Hrvatska Foreign Language School Calimero Zadar Hrvatska School Duga - foreign language courses Hrvatska EnBe School of Foreign Languages ​​- courses tailored to the needs of students Zagreb Hrvatska Initiative - School of English Hrvatska Interlang - a foreign language school and a translation center Hrvatska Jantar - a foreign language school and translation services Hrvatska EuroWay Kastav - foreign languages ​​and informatics Hrvatska Foreign language school Kramer and Kramer - the school has introduced and certified a quality management system according to the ISO norm; We professionally conduct foreign language courses from January 1991 ... Hrvatska Lancon - a foreign language school and a center for oral and written translation with a 20-year tradition Hrvatska Latina - a foreign language school Hrvatska Laureatus - a school of foreign languages Hrvatska LINgira - foreign language school, private secondary school, language gymnasium, hotel tourism school, adult education, retraining Hrvatska Foreign language school - Lingoteca - a school of foreign languages ​​for children, young people and business people in the center of Zagreb Zagreb Hrvatska Linguae - a school of foreign languages Hrvatska Lingua Group - a foreign language school Hrvatska Littera - your school for foreign languages Hrvatska Median languages ​​- foreign language school - in 2008 continues the work as a follower of the Foreign Language School Vox perfecta Hrvatska Montanense - School of Foreign Languages ​​and Informatics Split Hrvatska Crick - private school of foreign languages, rhythms, dance and sports Hrvatska School of Foreign Languages ​​New Warsaw Hrvatska Croatian-English online dictionary Hrvatska Polyglot - a foreign language school Rijeka Hrvatska POU - foreign language school Velika Gorica Hrvatska Presto Center - foreign language school, preparation for state graduation ...; Translations, faculty preparation, quick reading, preparation for state graduation, instruction Hrvatska Foreign Language School «Scientia» Hrvatska Kezele - a school of foreign languages ​​and business communication Hrvatska Šimunić School of Foreign Languages ​​- tradition and expertise; Internationally recognized exams in collaboration with Cambridge University and Goethe and. Varaždin Hrvatska Presto Center - foreign language school, preparation for state graduation ...; Translations, faculty preparation, quick reading, preparation for state graduation, instruction Hrvatska Foreign Language School Gypsy Hrvatska Center for Foreign Languages ​​Power of Knowledge Sesvete Hrvatska Socrates - foreign language school: English, German, Italian ... Hrvatska Owl - the first and largest foreign language school in Croatia Hrvatska School of Foreign Languages ​​- Language Center Spes Hrvatska Foreign Language School Sputnik holds courses in Russian, English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, Chinese, German and Portuguese Hrvatska Studium languages ​​- foreign language school, courses, court interpreters, translation services; Courses of general and business English and German language through conversation, group and individual teaching, teaching the business language of the legal profession Hrvatska Foreign language school Suvag Zagreb Hrvatska School World - foreign language school - foreign language courses, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian Karlovac Hrvatska Ulix - a private language school that has been operating since 1993 Rovinj Hrvatska Vodnikova - professional study for translators of 5 foreign languages; Title: professional first-aid translator Hrvatska

Language schools - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Anglia - Foreign language school General courses for adults Bijeljina Bosna i Hercegovina BHM - School of Foreign Languages ​​and Computer School Zenica Bosna i Hercegovina British Council   Bosna i Hercegovina Cambridge Center - School of English Bosna i Hercegovina Cerovac - a school of foreign languages; "Cerovac" d.o.o. The Foreign Language Learning Agency is one of the founders of APLS (Association of Private Schools of Foreign Languages ​​in BiH) Bosna i Hercegovina Dialogos - Center for learning foreign languages ​​and modern communication Banjaluka Bosna i Hercegovina Esperanto Interlingua - foreign language courses Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Educational center La Primera - the primary activity of the center is the education and organization of foreign language courses for all ages Bosna i Hercegovina Association of Young Linguists and Translators in BiH Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina Marks for English - English language school Bosna i Hercegovina Open University Knowledge d.o.o. - Chance for a Better Future - School of Foreign Languages ​​... Belgrade
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Crna Gora
Bosna i Hercegovina Linguistic Center POLiGLOTiC Mostar Bosna i Hercegovina

Syllabus Foreign Language School Sarajevo Bosna i Hercegovina

Language schools - NORTH MACEDONIA Kasta diva - Studio for foreign languages Makedonija Challenge - Foreign language school Makedonija Center for Foreign Languages ​​- ANNUAL SCHOOL IN ANGLIJA - OKSFORD 2010 Makedonija

The Center for Foreign Languages ​​DELFIN Bitola offers foreign languages, German, English and Greek. initial and long-lasting Makedonija
ESP Education Center - Courses for foreign languages ​​and computers   Makedonija Helen Doron - English for children from 3 months to 14 years old   Makedonija
Herc - Private Language Learning and Computer Education   Makedonija Montesori Education - Private Montesori Pre-Institution-Izvorče. 14 years of tradition. foreign language, English and Italian world recognized and verified programs   Makedonija

Labs- Pulsar - Center for vocational courses and acquiring practical meanings, Web Programming, Design and Multimedia, Audio and video postproduction manages and courses in English and other languages Makedonija

Language schools - SLOVENIA Ars Linguae d.o.o. - a foreign language course Slovenija B2 Learning Russian for the company - School of Russian Bartus Slovenija Berlitz Individual programs - language school and language courses; Learn foreign languages ​​quickly and efficiently Slovenija BIP Language School - for children and adults, children's educational programs, summer school and excursions, play hours and translation at a language school Slovenija Candor-Dominko - learning foreign languages ​​and a language school Slovenija Language school - translations - foreign language courses - In the DIDACTA language center, we have a 20-year tradition in the field of language education and translation Slovenija Dude, a language school Slovenija Educa, Institute for Education - Language School Slovenj
Slovenija The Language House is a young language school, aimed at continuous development of services with the aim of becoming the leading language school in Slovenia Slovenija Ini-mini d.o.o. - language courses and entertainment programs for children Brezovica
pri Ljubljani
Slovenija Linguistic, language school, courses, English, German ... Slovenija Language school Lingula - Elementary courses and translation: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Slovenian and other languages Slovenija Galway - English - Language travel for adults - LISA! Slovenia, Veris d.o.o. Slovenija Korekt plus Višnja Gora Slovenija Krona Plus - language school Slovenija Language school Lingua - Šoštanj (courses, translation ...) Slovenija Linguarus / Courses in Russian, English; Language workshops; Translation and interpretation Slovenija Language school and language courses - Lingula Slovenija Language school, language courses and exams - Mint language center - Learning a new foreign language in a language school can be an attractive and useful experience at any age Slovenija Language school, language center Nista - language school, international exams, certificates, language learning, instruction, translation, au pair Slovenija Ontario doo - courses for adults, youth and children; Instruction for elementary and secondary schools and invisible learning; Translation and proofreading Ptuj Slovenija Panteon College Language School - language courses in English, French, German and other languages; Affordable prices and foreign certificates Slovenija Translation, certified translations, interpreting Polyglot, language school Slovenija Russian express - Russian language courses, Russian language school, language school for Russian language, Russian language course, Russian language courses, Russian for beginners, morning course Slovenija Skrivanek language school / Translation agency Ljubljana
u još država
Slovenija SterLing - English language courses in Slovenia and UK and individual lessons, writing in English, telephone in English, translation Slovenija Swiss school - a language school, more than 15 years in Slovenia! Kranj Slovenija Tales - Educational Center Kranj Kranj Slovenija Language school - Foreign languages ​​and Slovene; Courses of foreign languages ​​and Slovene for foreigners Slovenija Language courses and seminars for translators - Veris Slovenija

Language schools - MONTENEGRO British Council   Crna Gora "Double L" foreign language center - foreign language school ... Podgorica Crna Gora International House Cambridge Center Podgorica - Teaching in English, French and German is organized for all ages and levels of knowledge Podgorica Crna Gora LondonBridge - English for all - English language school, UK program, completion of UK high school, study program, guided tours excursions, Cambridge - UK exams in Montenegro; Translation services   Crna Gora Open University Knowledge d.o.o. - Chance for a Better Future - School of Foreign Languages ​​... Belgrade
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Crna Gora
Bosna i Hercegovina Oxford Center - Center for learning foreign languages Podgorica Crna Gora Foreign Language School Waves Budva Crna Gora

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