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Nursing homes
Homes for elderly care, accommodation and care of the elderly, sites for old people - SERBIA
Diamond Agency - services for the elderly and the sick - home care and assistance, geronto housewife and caregiver services; Cleaning and maintenance of business and residential premises, warehouses, halls, stairs, entrances as well as final construction cleaning; Hyla system cleaning; Discreet, professional, on time! Cvetna 1,
Phone: +381 64 / 204-15-05
Nursing Home Aval Oasis - a licensed private nursing home located at 400m above sea level with beautiful views of the Aval Tower and Lake Reznica, luxuriously equipped with all the necessary appliances and the concept of working to the highest European standards. The home with ethno motifs was built on 25 acres of land, allowing residents to enjoy a walk and stay in the large ethno park surrounding the home in their free time; 24h video surveillance, rich social life, top staff, affordable prices; Jaroslav Černy br. 13;
Phone: + 381 64 40 26 722
HomeMedik - all types of mobile medical assistance, social care, general assistance, medical transport of mobile and immovable persons, field medical duty; All kinds of therapeutic massages and exercises; Why go to doctors and check-ups, spas and nursing homes when we come to you at the same price, which will save you time and money. May your age be your best year !;
Novogradska 69; Phone: +381 64 258 43 62
Zemun Srbija
Nursing Home Palma - you will feel at home in your own home. The home is licensed by the ministry (nursing and elderly care) and located in a luxury villa. In a brand new facility with ideal accommodation conditions, 24 hour care, you will be sure to let your loved ones in safe hands. The home offers double and triple rooms, and apartment accommodation is possible. Age is difficult in itself, but let's make it easier together; Vojvode Vlahovića 16;
Phone: +381 11 396 0425, Mobile: +381 63 830 2855
Belgrade Srbija
Senior Plus Nursing Home - home for the care and accommodation of the elderly and immobile - Social Welfare Institution that offers medical services, health care, transport, nutrition. Multidisciplinary approach to work focused on the needs of each individual. The professional team consists of social workers, doctors, nurses, head nurses, caregivers, as well as other support staff. The nursing home is located in three locations: Lipovačka forest, 13 km from Belgrade,
Lipovički put 13, Barajevo; Mob: 066/ 88 321 88;
Darinke Jevrić St 40, Višnjička Banja, Cell: 066/ 88 321 88;
Vojvode Vlahovića St 3v, Belgrade; Cell: 066/ 88 321 88
Višnjička Banja

Nursing Home Vila Dvor - Home where you feel at home - a newly built facility with medical care and 24/7 supervision and fully equipped with everything you need for a comfortable life. The capacity of the home is 40 beds, and it also has apartments, double, triple and 4-bed rooms, with spacious terraces and a large amount of natural daylight. The home has a spacious yard rich in greenery with two summer houses, and the air currents that make up the wind rose leave the impression of a kind of air spa. The home is in a very nice location in a quiet street at the foot of Dedinje, and near the Military Medical Academy and KBC; Koste Živkovića St. no. 5;
Phone: +381 11 45 40 497, Mob: +381 60 60 60 168
Belgrade Srbija

numbers in the column = position on the world top list (Alexa) VIII 2015


17.641.244 Antique home   Srbija National Home Care and Nursing Facility Vladimirovac Srbija

1.326.820 Agape Nursing Home, Brace Jerkovic Village - New Nursing Home, Care for the Old, Sick, Powerless, Luxury Flats, Comfortable, Modern and Comfortable Belgrade Srbija Nursing Home "Crown" - health services, complete care and medical supervision of mobile, immobile and demented elderly; A home with a yard near a city hospital Belgrade Srbija

8.261.778 Luxury Lara Nursing Home provides 24/7 high quality customer and health care services; The health of our users is taken care of by a home doctor, nurses, physical therapist, caregivers Belgrade

17.885.940 Home for the Elderly Milid Belgrade Srbija

16.986.698 Nursing Home Mol Mol Srbija Nursing Home and Nursing Home Prokuplje Srbija Orchid - private home for the care and care of the elderly in a quiet part of Zemun, luxury category. The Odyssey Home for the Elderly was founded with the aim of providing high quality and professional services that include accommodation, medical services, nutrition, care and hygiene - all of which will make the elderly's life more beautiful, comfortable, fulfilling Zemun Srbija Nursing Home Sun, located in a quiet part of Belgrade, is an institution for the care of the elderly, which fosters a warm family atmosphere with medical supervision and professional service available 24 hours Belgrade Srbija Home for adults and the elderly St. Trifun - social and health care institution   Srbija Vis - nursing home for the elderly; The facility has fifteen double and three single rooms with TV, telephone, pp alarm, call button, private bathroom and access to terraces with beautiful views of the nature and river Sava ... The facility is built on three levels, has a hydraulic, panoramic lift. .. Umka Srbija The San-Tim Nursing Home is located in a beautiful and peaceful part of Belgrade, has a Ministry of Labor license and is an ideal home for the elderly Belgrade Srbija

14.897.551 Home for old Aledra Belgrade Srbija    
    Nursing Home Safe Life is opened with the aim of providing high quality services to the elderly (mobile, low-mobility, immobile) in a home atmosphere Belgrade Srbija Retirement home and retirement home Kula Kula Srbija Kikinda Gerontology Center - a social care institution for the care of mentally preserved adults and the elderly Kikinda Srbija

14.794.951 Gerontological Center Jelenac Aleksinac Srbija Gerontology Center Bečej Bečej Srbija Gerontological Center Novi Sad Novi Sad Srbija Gerontns Novi Sad Srbija

14.513.486 City Institute for Gerontology Belgrade Belgrade Srbija Kosmajski Konak Elderly Home Sopot Srbija Nursing Home 'House of Good Hope', a home for the elderly and accommodation for the elderly is located in the center of Belgrade, more precisely in Vracar; Our home for the elderly is approved by the Ministry of Labor of the Government of the Republic of Serbia Belgrade Srbija Long life - nursing home Belgrade Srbija Medic - Laboratory clinic and nursing home   Srbija Home to Old Meliorvita Jakovo Srbija Pension for the elderly Konak Holiday house five stars d.o.o. - rooms for rent, holiday home for old people in Stara Lipovica; 40 beds, distributed in 16 apartments and rooms with bathrooms equipped with the highest world standards, TV, satellite TV, telephone and radio, security and surveillance, SPA center, park, swimming pool Barajevo
Srbija The Home for Blue Persons Blue Horizons in Belgrade guarantees the quality of services it provides to you or your loved ones. Call us, come and see for yourself! Zemun
Srbija Sunny slope - home for the elderly Belgrade Srbija Old Bežanija Nursing Home - a private nursing home intended for the care of the elderly who cannot live in their home or family environment due to age or other reasons; Expert staff, possible short stay, transportation, accommodation, care, personal hygiene, nutrition, social and recreational life New Belgrade Srbija Nursing Institution, Gerontology Center Belgrade Srbija

Prince's threads Vrnjačka

18.289.830 Gerontology Center Belgrade Belgrade Srbija Nursing Home Una Dom - provides top-quality accommodation and care for the elderly and infirm Belgrade Srbija

15.746.761 Green home   Srbija

Homes for elderly care, accommodation and care of the elderly, sites for old people - CROATIA Home for the elderly and infirm Magnolias. The vision, mission and goal are quality care for our customers and residents Vukovar Nina Nursing Home Rijeka Hrvatska

2.253.830 The Web Directory of Homes for the Elderly and Disabled is the only web directory that combines the supply of private homes for the elderly and the disabled in Croatia and the supplier of equipment, materials and services for the elderly and nursing homes Home for the Elderly and Disabled Domus Christi is located in the city center of Dubrovnik below the Bokar fort and in the immediate vicinity of Stradun Dubrovnik Family home Ana for the elderly and infirm   Hrvatska Domazet Family Home - a home for the elderly and infirm Vranjic
Hrvatska Petra Family Home, affordable accommodation for the elderly and infirm in Croatia   Hrvatska Pticek Family Home - a home for the elderly and infirm   Hrvatska Villa Brezovica - home for the elderly and infirm near Zagreb  

12.308.873 Golden Age, a modernly equipped home for the elderly and infirm is located near Zagreb in the beautiful natural landscape of Pucce with its facilities providing quality accommodation for users Zagreb Hrvatska

Homes for elderly care, accommodation and care of the elderly... - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA PZU Nursing Home "Onion" - The Onion Nursing Home is a nursing home for the elderly and infirm who care for the severely mobile and immobile, to whom we offer ongoing and comprehensive medical care. For carefree days of old age! For days of old with lots of love and attention! Brčko Bosna i Hercegovina Retirement Home Tuzla - The hotel provides accommodation, meals, care and hygiene services for the elderly, and in a special department also hotel services for commercial guests Tuzla Bosna i Hercegovina Dompenzionera-bl   Bosna i Hercegovina Home for social and health care of people with disabilities and other persons Stolac Bosna i Hercegovina Social Welfare Institution "Dom Villa Filis"   Bosna i Hercegovina Home care for the elderly - Tea Agency will allow you to find a person for babysitting, baby care, home care for the elderly and sick, home help that will meet your criteria, for the help you need: babysitter, nanny, nursing home care persons - geronto housewife, nurse, caregiver, home help - Housekeeping, cleaning of business premises and offices, services for the Serbian diaspora. mediation in the provision of day-to-day or occasional care services for mobile, semi-mobile, immobile persons, patronage for the elderly, sick persons   Bosna i Hercegovina

14.909.911 Our Home Travnik - Social-medical institution for the protection of adults Travnik Bosna i Hercegovina Ruhama BiH - Center for Professional Nursing   Bosna i Hercegovina Vita Nursing Home - nursing home for the elderly and infirm Grude Bosna i Hercegovina VITALIS Nursing Home, Home Care and Medical Transport - From the very beginning, VITALIS aims to provide its customers with quality accommodation and care to make them feel "at home"   Bosna i Hercegovina Vita Nova - A New Vitality for Life's Joy   Bosna i Hercegovina Healthy Aging Centers   Bosna i Hercegovina

Homes for elderly care, accommodation and care of the elderly... - SLOVENIA - A website for seniors, seniors and seniors   Slovenija

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