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Kindergartens, nurseries, children's playgrounds, birthday celebrations - SERBIA
Playroom magic fountain - playroom, birthdays, living room, Additional services: transport, child staying at his watch, photographic services, catering services, entertainers, face painting, a chocolate fountain, pinata, educational workshops, psychological counseling; Mouse Kranjca 23 Miljakovac; Telephone: 062/538553, 064/0431859 ​​
Belgrade Srbija
Magic - rođendaonica ...
Kragujevac Srbija
Craft shop Network - netting, all types of networks and in all sizes mesh, football, handball, basketball, water polo, home network, all kinds of safety nets (Construction), tennis, volleyball, playgrounds, balloon halls, etc .; Makrai curtains and decorative brackets for flowerpots ...
Ruma Srbija
Playhouse Happy Kids - production and equipping children playroom (maze), making external courses; Complete equipment: various climbing frames, slides, swings, trampolines, rollers, sliding area, children's shoe, footstools, tables ..
Belgrade Srbija
Trešnjober - školica-school, junior club - work in small groups to individual approach, care and upbringing of children, pre-school program, English language schools etiquette, music area, and rhythm, dance, art studio, drama activities, trips, vacations, winter
Belgrade Srbija
Preschool - Kindergarten Fantasy - 420 m2 of internal space (5 rooms, studios, a library, a doctor ...), 515 m2 external space (the yard, garden, a small orchard, a little zoo), 103 m2 for sale psychomotor with equipment and props, 24 employees, 7 educators and 6 p. associates; French, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, music
Belgrade Srbija
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click HERE Kindergartens Adaland New Belgrade Srbija Family nursery "Guardian Angel" Novi Sad Srbija Beli Zeka Kindergarten Children - preschool 5 star in the center Belgrade Belgrade Srbija BiBi playground, beauty center, cafe - Banovo Brdo Belgrade Srbija Baby Palace Anđela, private kindergarten - transportation from door to door, psychological-pedagogical counseling, exclusive objects with spacious courtyards, hopscotch swimming, sports, tennis ...; Specialist pediatric surgery & quot; Palace of Pediatrics & quot; Belgrade Srbija Magical corner, a private kindergarten Belgrade Srbija Kindergarten & quot; Magical World & quot; Novi Sad Srbija  Chartwell International School Belgrade Belgrade Srbija Kindergarten Vili Cili, private kindergarten Belgrade Srbija Club4 - Children's Games Room, Creperie and café - celebrations, birthdays parties Bečej Srbija Playgrounds Belgrade
Novi Sad
Srbija Sky Vision - an organization specializing in the realization of the entire organization of fairs, sports and other events or individual segments of the organization; Basic intentions accompanying all our events are a logical continuation of the vision that we cherish - that always make something new and original, attractive, interesting and useful Belgrade Srbija Preschool institution & quot; D Ecija world & quot; , private kindergarten - Half-day and day care, upbringing, education, care and protection of children preschoolers, optional activities (religious, glumilište, English language teaching, computer nursery, sculpture, dance, healthy diet; Birthday parties, trips, vacations, winter ... Belgrade Srbija Children Otkrivalica, private kindergarten, Creative Workshop Belgrade Srbija Nurseries - Preschool facility & quot; Children's Joy & quot; Pančevo Srbija Dody shop playroom and birthday celebrations ... Leskovac Srbija Družionica Maštaonica, private kindergarten and pre-school institutions, playroom and children's birthdays Zemun Srbija Children's playroom Extreme kids - playroom and children's birthdays Belgrade Srbija    
  Playroom Laser Tag Belgrade Srbija Playrooms Aska Belgrade Srbija Playgrounds Belgrade Belgrade Srbija Insb - International Nursery School Belgrade, private kindergarten Belgrade Srbija Jules Verne - language school - the school of French, Croatian Serb bilingual kindergarten and the French Association & quot; Jules Verne & quot; - Center multicultural cooperation Novi Sad Srbija Playroom Checkers - the first real children's playroom in the Balkans provides enjoy the game in a huge maze with slides, rolls, balls, vines and other toys; Let's play, socialize, crtajmo, let's sing, đuskajmo and maskirajmo ... Organization of children animators birthday, hostess, barmaid ... Zemun Srbija Kindergarten Madagascar Novi Sad Srbija Mala Višnja - kindergartens, playrooms, workshops in creative Višnjičkoj Banji; For children and schools ballet, piano, choir, guitar school, painting, English and Italian Belgrade Srbija  media planet   Srbija Montessori education system - Preschool institution - kindergarten Meda and Montessori Elementary School Belgrade Srbija Preschool Foundation & quot; Nada Naumović & quot; Kragujevac Srbija Nana's house - playroom and children's birthdays Belgrade Srbija Preschool institution & quot; Nata Veljkovic & quot ;; Puppetry Workshop & Quot; Brownie & quot; Kruševac Srbija Preschool Institution Zrenjanin Zrenjanin Srbija Preschool institution & quot; Bambi & quot; Kula Srbija Children playground Network - birthdays, professional animators, clowns,
fairies, magicians, jugglers, dancers, shows, face painting,
animation children with you, New Year's program, animation school ...
Novi Beograd Srbija Silly clown - children's animator - clown, Santa Claus ... As the

The name says Kids Animator silly clown is the one who will do anything to your celebration is special and of course a bit silly! For children parties and balloon modeling, rendering face ...

Srbija Club Satić - celebrations and birthdays ... 230 square meters of air-conditioned in a quiet area of ​​the city, organization birthday parties, anniversary, weddings, baptisms, presentations, exhibitions, shows, company celebrations ... space, music, food, entertainers-animators ... Belgrade Srbija Sk Center   Srbija School foreign language   Srbija Sky Club - rođendaonica   Srbija Step by step - a nursery in English - learn English through playing and having fun New Belgrade Srbija Studio Center for Cultural Education, Creative Workshop Belgrade Srbija Tehnokids, creative workshop, playroom and children's birthdays Belgrade Srbija Institution for preschool education Kindergarten & Quot; Honey Vrebalov & quot; Požarevac Srbija Preschool institution Bubica - in a quiet street near the center of city; Educational work is carried out in a stimulating environment, in small groups, through individual and group access to children in two separate areas connected by a spacious courtyard Belgrade Preschool institution & quot; Boško Buha & quot; Inđija Srbija Kindergarten House of Imagination - My childhood joy! verified nursery - nursery, kindergarten, extended day for primary school pupils, the preschool program, Mensa NTC learning system, Montessori program Novi Beograd Srbija Kindergarten Snoopy and Charlie Brown kindergarten, private kindergarten New Belgrade Srbija Kindergarten & quot; Zvončica & quot; - Nursery and kindergarten - Creative Workshop, english, ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, drawing and painting, singing, games with music (Folklore) Zemun
Srbija Kindergarten Snežana, Senta - Kindergarten Snow White, Senta, Duga, Croatian Penguins, Bambi, panache, Bela work, Daisy, Dandelion, Senica, Back burner, Leptirić, Poland cvetak Senta Srbija Jean Jacques - Center for education, sport and art in early childhood Children from 3 to 7 years New Belgrade Srbija Kids cafe - playroom Wonderland Čačak Srbija

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Kindergartens, nurseries, children's playgrounds, birthday celebrations - CROATIA Kindergarten were cvitak Sinj Hrvatska Kindergarten Bistrac Ogulin Hrvatska Kindergarten Čigra Hrvatska City Center One   Hrvatska Kindergarten cicada Virovitica Hrvatska Private Kindergarten - Child's play. Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Cvrčak & quot; Solin Hrvatska Kindergarten Ivanic-Grad is a place of life, games and learning of children and Adult Ivanić-Grad Hrvatska Private kindergarten Lodge Hrvatska Kindergarten Opatija - Visual and pedagogical project Picasso in the children Kindergarten is based on art, integrative approach and contents of art. ... Opatija Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; sun & quot; Zadar Hrvatska Kindergarten Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; long & quot; Umag Hrvatska Kindergarten Biograd na Moru Biograd
na Moru
Hrvatska Kindergarten Biokovsko bell   Hrvatska Kindergarten Dugo Selo Dugo Selo Hrvatska Kindergarten Kaštela - we are an organization of 15-odd kindergartens United in umbrella organization called Kindergartens Hrvatska Kindergarten for children with disabilities petal Hrvatska Kindergarten Peter Pan Hrvatska Kindergarten Glee   Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Glee & quot; Vela Luka   Hrvatska Kindergarten Sisak Stari Sisak Hrvatska Kindergarten halcyon days Hrvatska - Room is thematically decorated to the last detail, the interior is completely suitable for children, has a secured parking, as well as children playground (behind the playgrounds); The total area is 165 m2   Hrvatska Horizons International Kindergarten - Kindergarten Obzori Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Leptirić Lu Hrvatska LIMAČ - private nursery and crib Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Cat Pasko - kindergarten, nursery, kindergarten programs, Toddler programs Hrvatska Little Prince and The Little Mermaid - kindergartens and playgrounds Rijeka Hrvatska Small world - a private kindergarten Hrvatska Kindergarten Dandelion Zaprešić Hrvatska Montessori Nazareth Kindergarten Palcic - was founded in 2006 and is privately property Zagreb Hrvatska Private nursery and crib & quot; Pippi Longstocking & quot; Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Radost Crikvenica Crikvenica Hrvatska Kindergarten Radost, Jastrebarsko Hrvatska Kindergarten Glee Zadar Hrvatska Kindergarten Rijeka - Program of preschool education, forum, children kutić and current topicality Rijeka Hrvatska Kindergarten Svemirko Hrvatska Teding - school furniture, furniture and equipment for kindergartens ... - Company Teding Ltd. specializes in producing teaching equipment for primary and secondary schools, kindergartens, colleges, student and dormitories Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; daisy & quot; Hrvatska Nursery Tale Hrvatska Kindergarten Botinec Hrvatska Ladybug Kindergarten Hrvatska Kindergarten Future Hrvatska Kindergarten - Bukovac Hrvatska Private nursery and playroom Čupko Hrvatska   Kindergarten Duga Zagreb Hrvatska Creche and Kindergarten Duga Resa Hrvatska Private children vtrić frfi Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Gustav Krklec Krapina Hrvatska Kindergarten-Du   Hrvatska  Kindergarten buzz Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Source Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Apple & quot; - We take special care of the optimal identifying and meeting the needs and rights of children in everyday life situations Hrvatska Kindergarten Karlovac performing the activity of pre-school education, a founder and owner is the City of Karlovac Karlovac Hrvatska Kindergarten Kutina Kutina Hrvatska  Kindergarten Maximir Hrvatska Kindergarten Marjan Hrvatska  Kindergarten Medveščak Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Našice Našice Hrvatska Kindergarten Nemo - an institution in which preschool children we provide care, education Hrvatska Kindergarten Omiš   Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Glee & quot;   Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Glee & quot;   Hrvatska  Kindergarten Cornflower - baby's nursery with the longest history in Zagreb Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Siget & quot; Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Sisak Novi - one step closer to the child; Meet us via the Web site. Kindergarten: Sun, dandelion, Joy, Daisy Sisak Hrvatska  Kindergarten Srednjaci - eco-school in Zagreb with the sports program Zagreb Hrvatska   
    Kindergarten Tatjana Marinic   Hrvatska Kindergarten Daisy Hrvatska Kindergarten Sleeping Beauty - In order to meet the need of the child for holidays varied stimulation of our nursery is specific in many ways; Peculiarities of our kindergartens are in different forms ... Hrvatska  Kindergarten & quot; Utrina & quot; Hrvatska Kindergarten Velika Gorica - Fit for Children Kindergarten - Kindergarten, nursery, pre-schools, small schools, educational programs, German, enrollment, educators, professional associates, children ... Velika Gorica Hrvatska Kindergarten & quot; Viskovo & quot; Hrvatska  Kindergarten Squirrel Hrvatska    
  Kindergarten Vladimira Nazora Zagreb Hrvatska  Kindergarten Vrapče - programs for children, rhythm, preschool Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Rabbit Hrvatska Nursery and crib Zipkica Hrvatska Kindergarten Zvončić - institutions of preschool education, nursery and kindergarten ... What to do and what to be - I have learned, in kindergarten. Wisdom did not waiting at the top of the mountain ... Zagreb Hrvatska Kindergarten Zlatna Ribica Hrvatska  Gold Sequin - institution for rehabilitation and education of children - in the Golden sequins work polyclinic, Kindergarten and Weekly accommodation ... Hrvatska

Kindergartens, nurseries, children's playgrounds - BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA Amelinur   Bosna i Hercegovina Education and Rehabilitation Center & quot; long & quot; - & Nbsp; Center for Children and youth with disabilities provides education, training, social welfare, day, half-day, extended stay stationary Novi Travnik Bosna i Hercegovina

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Equipment for children
Catering, event organization


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